New grinder or upgrading Mazzer Super Jolly?

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I own a Mazzer Super Jolly that I slightly modified to single dose, but the workflow is slow (cleaning the chute etc.) and I am not sure about burrs alignment. I could upgrade all the way to the Daniel Wong home doserless mod for 120$ plus shipping (but I would still need to use the air blower and that bothers me a bit) and maybe add SSP burrs, or I could go for a different grinder like the Niche or DF64 (or any other option, flat or conical, I am open to suggestions).

Budget 1000€, located in Italy where I can get good deals also on Eureka and Ceado. I want a fast workflow and I mostly drink the same mid/dark blend, straight espresso and sometimes cappuccino. I don't know how noticeable the difference in taste would be between the 64 SSP burrs and conical.
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My $0.02 USD is (a) upgrade the Mazzer Super Jolly with SSP Red Speed High Uniformity burrs and then have the Super Jolly with SSP Red Speed burrs aligned (b) work to adding to your grinder stable a reference conical burr grinder like Niche Zero. Here is great reference for the SSP flat burr types SSP 64mm Burrs Review

That is what I did for my (former) Mazzer Super Jolly. I have two left thumbs so I had fellow local Home-Barista member do it for me. I kept doser on the Mazzer Super Jolly, added the doser-vane sweeper modification, and brush the hopper (along with palm bops x 2-3 to clear the chute). My retention was ~ 0.2 to 0.3 grams. Twice a year I have to make up to 24 consecutive espresso so I appreciated the doser. I used the Mazzer Super Jolly alongside Orphan Espresso Pharos v1.1 (68mm conical Italmill burrs) and then current Helor 106 (71mm conical Mazzer single phase burrs).

DF64 has same flat burrs as Mazzer SuperJolly. From what I read here (and seen on Lance Hedrick video) it seems some modifications are needed. Again since I have two left thumbs (and thus not do mods well) I felt no need to make lateral move IMO to get DF64 to replace the Mazzer Super Jolly. If one really wants single dosing, a few threads discuss the Daniel Wong mod for Super Jolly.

You also mention Niche Zero. That as you know is different burr set (63mm conical found in Mazzer Kony). Too numerous to count conical burr vs. flat burr grinder posts here on Home-Barista. From my understanding and experience (in no particular order) (a) conical burrs are less finicky to dial in vs. flat burr grinder (b) Niche Zero is designed from ground up to be single dosing and joy to use as single doser. I have used it at local HB meet ups. (c) Uber palates (not me) will detect flavor separation in larger flat burr (>80mm ) vs. conical burr grinder. With my current Mazzer Major SSP Red Speed High Uniformity with light roasts I can barely detect vs. Helor 106 (unblinded testing). I suspect if I had different SSP burr I would get better flavor separation. But since I don't value nor can detect, I haven't chased that goal. And my baseline bean is medium to medium dark roast: e.g. George Howell Alchemy, George Howell Terrazu espresso roast, Paradise Roasters Nuevo.
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I am in the exact same position as you....well, was until yesterday. I modified my SJ a long time ago. Was contemplating upgrading it further but decided that a more dedicated single dose setup made the most sense. I ordered a DF83 v2 last night. I assume v3 will be variable speed and $300 more but didn't want to wait. Bang for the buck and workflow wise I think it will be a winner. In it's current state I consider it DF64 v4 design wise but with a bigger and faster burt set. Sure there aren't as many burr options for it as 64, but there will be more and the reviews even of the stock italimill units are good.

My goals were a much improved workflow and a reduction in mess. The speed imo is a huge bonus as well as it is fast enough to directly dose into the portafilter.


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I went from a single dose modded SJ with SSP HU burrs to a Niche and do not regret it. My workflow is much improved and I enjoy making my morning coffee much more now. The SJ tasted great but dial in was finicky, retention was so-so, and having to sweep the burrs and puff it constantly turned into a chore. I'm able to be more consistent and have a wider dial in with the Niche. I have way fewer wasted dial-in shots. Since you drink medium/dark then the Niche would seem to be just about perfect for you.

The cost of an SJ + mods + SSP HU burrs is nearly the same as a new Niche but without the hassle of tinkering and aligning. Take it out of the box and get to making espresso :)