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spiffdude wrote:Noted DF64/83 and Lagom as options. Will need to read-up on those since I have no way of testing any of them before purchase.

Is it a fair consensus that I would need to move the flat burrs to do espresso AND V60?

The real solution is two grinders, I agree. But space is limited in my kitchen, I need to live inside the footprint of my existing K10 and Pro 800.
I suggest you to buy DF64P for espresso and another manual grinder for filters

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I would look into what SSP 83mm burrs are available before considering DF83. The big appeal of DF64 is the ability to use SSP HU and MP burrs. Otherwise there are a bunch of other grinders that would perform similarly to the stock DF64.

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Another vote for 2 grinders - or see how the v60 tastes with espresso grind. My wife uses espresso grind (that I grind the night before) in her Moka for the first coffee of the day -- seems to work fine!

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I agree with two grinders. Get the Ode with the V2 burrs and call it a day. It makes it so easy keeping the espresso and filter coffee grinders separate. The Ode doesn't really take up much space. It is as wide as a typical sugar jar, so not very much linear space at all.

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In order to bring closure to this thread, I just wanted to let you know that I've secured a Monolith Flat that will attempt to place beside the K10.... until the family counsel lodges a complaint for counter space infringement.

This way, I can play with a conical and a flat to see what I like best. The flat should also allow me to grind for V60, which is a secondary brew method that we venture into but that we are not super focused on.

Might let you know how this pans outs in 2023!
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