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#21: Post by omega1848 » Aug 17, 2019, 1:53 am

I have a question on the single dose version E37SD: Is it possible to convert/ add a hopper afterwards to make into a normal grinder, into the regular E37S version so to speak?
Just in case you realize at some point in time, that you need more portions once (to serve a party for example)?


#22: Post by leonelbego » replying to omega1848 » Aug 17, 2019, 2:07 am

Hi :)

Yes, I contacted Ceado and they said yes, You would just need to buy the hopper and the rubber (you can ordered through your retailer) that connect the hopper with the machine, that's all :)

So, yes, you could use the SD with a hopper as well, the only is that you won't be able to set the time because the SD model only works with the on/stop button. But that would be ok with me.


#23: Post by leonelbego » Aug 17, 2019, 10:59 am

Hi all,

Here an update about my situation:

I decided to exchange my E37S with the E37SD (my E37S was only 3 weeks old, so the shop where I purchased was kind enough to let me return it and pay the difference for the SD), and it's been the best decision! I'm loving having a "Single Dose" grinder and this one is a monster (at least for me). It does all what I need and want, perfect for my needs.

And what's even nicer, I contacted Ceado and they said I can buy a hopper and just put it there in case if one day I get bored or tired of only single dosing or for whenever I have guests. Obviously the SD doesn't have the "timer" function as the S do, but that's fine for me :)

Very happy about my decision and this is what I need it :)

Here a pic