Needed advice on used Quick Mill Anita

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#1: Post by wrichad3 »

I'm looking at a Quick Mill Anita on CL of uncertain age, steam wand through front panel, so prolly not EVO.
What are the models and is there a SN# with date info on this?
Clean and asking $750 USD, which is high, but if I sell my Silvia it's do able, and he may come down
They seem serviceable and well supported.

Any tips on used Anitas?
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#2: Post by Jeff »

The Anitas are a solid, classic E61 box. Most of the parts are "generic" and available through a variety of suppliers (like most Italian E61 boxes). For the handful that are specific I have always had good service from Chris Coffee.

"Models" for E61 boxes are, in my opinion, mainly marketing bullets. The basic design of home-intended units is 30-40 years old at this point. Pressurestats are "just fine" for HX machines, a lot less expensive to replace than failing LED displays and at least as good, if not better, for maintaining steam pressure and temperature. (PIDs do little, if anything, for brew temperature on a typical HX machine.)

The primary weak spots of E61 boxes are common across the major manufacturers and are usually failure of generic components. Suggested modifications for any of these, if not already done, is a vacuum breaker with a top fitting and tube that drains either into the drip tray or reservoir (make sure to have a tiny hole so that the vacuum doesn't suck water back when the boiler cools). Checking that line and neutral aren't reversed is a good idea on any E61 box (the color code is different for European 230 V and US 120 V).

I may be off on pricing, but at $750 and if in even serviceable condition it will run circles around an $830 Silvia and most any machine short of a BDB (at $1,500).

wrichad3 (original poster)
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#3: Post by wrichad3 (original poster) »

Thanks. I have been aware of Chris's since I got my first machine 12 years ago (S-24) and I am comfortable with advanced maintenance.
The difference between the HX S24 and the Silvia is pretty substantial. (Mass is class)
The Anita I found is an older model and I'm mostly trying to get the mfr date and relevant differences between it and the EVO model.
Current owner was second owner and not familiar with it and I know the model only from the brochure.
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#4: Post by Jeff »

I tend to agree with the presenter about mainly cosmetic. I didn't have any issues with the classic valves on mine. If you crank them down, I guess you could wear out the seals.

wrichad3 (original poster)
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#5: Post by wrichad3 (original poster) »

Valving seems very different than in the pics you posted and what I have found.
?older compression valves
I suspect it is older than 2010. I have seen things improperly badged and wanted to see if this was just an older model
That would affect pricing and parts availability for me
here is a pic
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#6: Post by Jeff »

That's an Anita with the classic style valves, the switches in the top, and the badge on the front.

The vacuum breaker I mentioned is probably like this one. Confirm the thread size. ... aker-valve

The "evo" video was 2015, as I recall, so probably any time before then.

The boiler-pressure gauge needle looks like it has moved upscale on the shaft. This is very common with home machines and can happen if the vacuum breaker doesn't open one day and the boiler goes a bit below atmospheric pressure when it cools. Usually cosmetic, just subtract the new zero from the readings.

Here's the "original"

wrichad3 (original poster)
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#7: Post by wrichad3 (original poster) »

The tip on pressure gauges is good. Good pick up. We used non pinned manometers for blood pressure because of that error potential.
The Chris Coffee data base only goes to 2015, and they guess the machine is about 10 yrs old
Chris's vid you linked actually dates to Mar 31, 2010 , and it has the non compression steam and water valves.
Not sure when they switched over. Chris' stocks the old valves.
The earlier valves and boiler are serviceable and the rest looks generic or used elsewhere so parts availability seems good.
That's a nice thing about classic machines.
SN# is on top under a cover. I get to see it Sat, and hope it will show date of mfr.
It is priced good for use and high to restore, so if as presented, looks like a good deal for all parties.

As an aside, do you know if the E61 brewheads have multiple sources, or if they all come from a single place and have interchangeable components?
The guys making the flow restrictor are cautious about which brands they say they will fit.
I'm more curious than in need, as Chris' stocks seals and parts for the QuickMill stuff.
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#8: Post by Jeff »

The E61 groups are generally similar, with a couple variants. The VBM groups are notably different with how they contain the mushroom.

As I recall, the main thing to look out for with "ECM-style" groups is the length of the valves inside. There are a couple variants. Checking my orders, a "complete" rebuild kit for the group from individual parts was under $50 from EPNW. I personally prefer the Cafelat (blue) group gasket over OEM.


#9: Post by MemPast »

Just a note on the price: I got a decent Alexia (single boiler) for 500 usd a year ago from here. It has a PID, and a flow control kit installed. Of course, being single boiler might decrease interest among buyers, and that might account for lower price. I would aim for no more than 600 for a decent, old Anita. I think you can find sellers on HB who will sell decent, younger E61s for better prices. CL is local to you, so that is a plus in your case, though!

Also, a HX machine in a relatively small box will be crowded. And, the front panel top is angled in the Anita. This might make working on the machine sometimes hard, especially given the machine is a bit old and the fittings might be jammed. I scored once an Anderja with a fried heating element for 80 usd (which I would think very similar to Anita). Full disassembly was hard; putting it back was a nightmare.
If you are handy with tools, that should not be a problem, since sourcing parts for Quick mill should not be a problem in the most part.

wrichad3 (original poster)
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#10: Post by wrichad3 (original poster) »

Got to see it finally.
Appears clean , good history From 2nd (?) owner who cared for it well. good water no conspicuous scale or corrosion
2PF one bottomless, upgrade screen and basket. Good pressures, brewed well, a few dings on to of the E-61 space ship o/w fine.
Paid $700, but got good stories and good vibe, which have value to me.
$1695 now for new, w Chis' Tweaks, (Access to OPV, new steam valve, plus whatelse?)
I'll sell my V1 Silvia and this may offset the tweaks I was going to put into it.(PID, gauge OPV)
Prolly 12yrs old, will post age when SN# results are in

I'll pull the Glicleur and see if it needs descaling acutely.
O/w just go forward

Thanks to all
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