Need a tamper for household with multiple users.

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#1: Post by Cj57 »

Hi Everyone,
In our household, we have a Quickmill Vetrano 2b Evo and a Compak K10 Fresh, and a Rancilio bottomless portafilter. We have multiple users in the house, some of whom come and go. When they're home, it's tough to nail down tamping between the 4 of us, and they're not really here consistently enough to develop technique. I'm considering the Australian 5 Star EazyTamp Pro to take a few things out of the equation and enable them to pull acceptable shots more easily. (It sounds like a fun toy, I admit, so we will use it too.) I'm also going to upgrade the basket to a VST, likely an 18 gram as we only pull doubles. I'm open to suggestions there as well.

Reviews here say that the Eazytamp is good for leveling but so-so for tamping consistently, and that gives me pause.

Any advice? Anything else I should be considering?


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#2: Post by ira »

I'd suggest an EazyTamp or a a Kafatek Levatamp so that everyone tamps level, pressure being somewhat less important. Or for the ultimate in consistency, a PugPress would solve all your tamping problems, for a price that is! ... so-tamper/


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Cj57 (original poster)

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LOL, the Puqpress looks dandy. Unfortunately we spent all the money in the budget on the machine and grinder.... However, the LevTamp looks interesting. I need to do some more research and completely overthink this, Thanks. :-)

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#4: Post by RockyIII »

Decent Espresso makes a really nice calibrated tamper that will give you the same force consistently.


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#5: Post by bean2friends »

I think with the K10 evenness of distribution is the only worry. I only need maybe 10 pounds of pressure with my K10 Pro Barista.


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RockyIII wrote:Decent Espresso makes a really nice calibrated tamper that will give you the same force consistently.

I use this and also a distribution tool to level the grounds before tamping. These can be purchased on Amazon for $20.
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#7: Post by ira »

Many of us have used and discarded force sensing tampers, but leveling tampers seem to be here to stay. Why Decent didn't add a leveling ring to their tamper is beyond me. Conceptually I believe the EazyTamp is supposed to help with consistent pressure, but mine came used so I've never read the directions and when I started worrying about tamping level instead of tamping to 30 lbs everything got better so I sold my first tamper so someone else could discover that truth. For a house of random users I'd guess a leveling tamper would give consistently better results.

Other than that, the delrin Barista Hustle tamper seems to be the best thing going, size is good, light, it's inexpensive and it's repairable for $15 if you dink the base. And while really heavy tampers do have an attraction, I found using a light one is preferable, a conclusion I didn't expect to come to.


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#8: Post by sluflyer06 »

Puck style, hands down, there is really nothing more repeatable than this. Can't overtamp, can't undertamp, can't tamp unevenly and its totally foolproof.

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#9: Post by AssafL »

Proper distribution and level tamping are the hardest techniques to master and can both be properly addressed using a properly adjusted distribution tool. Some of us use the distribution tool and actually forgo the tamper altogether.

One caveat though - since one adjusts the distribution tool to a particular dose - being able to set the distribution tool once (e.g. by you) does assume that everyone will stick consistently to the dosing you prescribe...
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#10: Post by Mark08859 »

Any type of palm tamper should do it. I use the following: Barista Space

But, there are plenty of less expensive ones on amazon.