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ira wrote:Why Decent didn't add a leveling ring to their tamper is beyond me.
I think the basic idea was that the tamper fits so precisely into their basket that there's no room to create an uneven angle.

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That seems silly, I would think it means it will only work properly on a very small selection of baskets.



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That's true. It's supposed to work with their basket. I think the VST baskets are also the same size. Personally I ditched my stock baskets day 1 for VST...


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Thanks to all for giving me a lot to think about. LOL, at this point I know for sure I'll be upgrading to a VST basket.


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Cj57 wrote:Hi Everyone,
In our household, we have a Quickmill Vetrano 2b Evo and a Compak K10 Fresh, and a Rancilio bottomless portafilter. We have multiple users in the house, some of whom come and go. When they're home, it's tough to nail down tamping between the 4 of us, and they're not really here consistently enough to develop technique. I'm considering the Australian 5 Star EazyTamp Pro to take a few things out of the equation and enable them to pull acceptable shots more easily. (It sounds like a fun toy, I admit, so we will use it too.) I'm also going to upgrade the basket to a VST, likely an 18 gram as we only pull doubles. I'm open to suggestions there as well.

Reviews here say that the Eazytamp is good for leveling but so-so for tamping consistently, and that gives me pause.

Any advice? Anything else I should be considering?

I have the Force tamper that won the Red Dot award in 2017. You can change the tamp force infinitely and it auto levels. IMO it is perfecgt for your needs. I also have a the QM Vetrano 2b and it is set up with VST basket.!!! ... &c=218&a=0

If interested, PM me, I am selling my Force tamper (in addition to machine and grinder) now towards a more mobile setup with Cafelat Robot, Kinu M47 hand grinder.