Need opinion on a built in and plumbed espresso machine

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Hello- we have built a new house, had it plumbed for a built in espresso maker and had originally planned for the Dacor but read some discouraging things and it is now not being produced anymore which says it didn't work so well. We need help figuring out which one to do now. We absolutely want it plumbed as we are sick of refilling the water tank and have already spent a bunch of money on the plumbing being ready to go. Thank you so much for any thoughts!!!!!

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A similar question came up just yesterday in Advice on espresso and coffee combo, preferably built-in and earlier in the lengthier discussion Opinions of built-in espresso machines like Miele, Bosch, Thermador and Dacor. Are you committed to a built-in unit or is a combo semi-automatic and grinder an option?
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The idea of a built-in, super-auto is great! The reality, however . . . . Check out the threads that Dan pointed you to . . .
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