Need help choosing espresso machine for new coffee shop

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Hello Home Barista,
We are opening a coffee shop and we are almost ready to take the big step of buying our espresso machine. I have to decide between 501 Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Steelux 2gr Gravimetric and Marzocco Linea PB. I know each one will have their own preferences about espresso machines but in general, I would like to know the "Pros & Cons" of each machine. More Details: we are expecting to have about 50 seating spots and selling about 100 cups per day.

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Randy G.

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My first thought is who will be servicing it, and the amount of downtime you would experience based on the choice of machine when servicing or repair is required.
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You might well consider working with the roaster of your choice and/or machine vendor with the best rental/leasing plan and service. Especially for a start-up, buying may not be the best way to go for many reasons. Many roasters in our area supply the machine, maintain it, and train you & any staff. This ensures that their coffee is at its best in your cups, and it keeps you up and running with a built-in "disaster recovery plan" so you can keep going if something fails. It also improves your cash flow and credit.

I don't think that the specific machine you choose will matter nearly as much as using one already proven by your roaster's other commercial users.


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I am actually the roaster in this case.