Narrowed down to these three: Profitec GO, Profitec 300, or La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Mostly espresso and Americanos, but looking to do more milk drinks. Not common to do more than two drinks in a row. I've been using a Gaggia Factory (La Pavoni rebadge) but looking to add a semi automatic for greater consistency and ease. Probably in this order I'm considering:

Profitec GO. Like the size and PID control, but SBDP and getting water for Americanos is a bit crude. Filling water under cabinets. Aesthetically maybe the least attractive of the three.

Profitec 300. Ticks all boxes. Filling water under cabinets cumbersome. Overkill for my needs? Shiny!

La Spaziale Vivaldi II. Front loading water tank is nice, looks impressive, but big. And the plastic sides? Overkill?

Thoughts on the trade off of these? Reliability and ease to maintain?
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JeffNYC wrote: Profitec 300. Ticks all boxes. Filling water under cabinets cumbersome.
Short reply due to time. I think you answered your own question.

I've owned a Profitec 300 for exactly a year today. Its been rock solid. I turned up the steam a bit which eliminated early issues I was having steaming larger drinks. If I had it under cabinets I wouldn't love it nearly as much. Its a tank.

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Sounds like Profitec 300 is a good choice. You may also want to look at the Lelit Elizabeth. Clive coffee has both, so you can compare the models on their website. The La Spaziale Vivaldi II is a plumb in only. If you need a tank only, you would be looking and the mini Vivaldi.

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I meant the one with removable water tank (from the front, more convenient as this will be under a cabinet). That's what's holding me back a bit on the 300.
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I can't offer much advice as I have way less experience than many here, but I've had my La Spaziale for about a year now and its been great. I have the tank version as a compromise, as plumbing a unit in where it sits isn't feasible. I thought the tank would be annoying, but it holds about a weeks worth of water (for my usage). Drip tray is usually getting full at a out the same time, so its a quick routine of rinsing out the tray, sliding the tank forward a bit, and filling it from a pitcher. I'm not into the super-light-roast trend, but for any light-ish to medium roast and up I find the machine produces coffee just as good as the goto local cafes, if not better.

Pros in my mind to the La Spaziale are the looks, the ease of use, (hopefully) the reliability/longevity. A "simple" machine with easy to replace parts and minimal electronics and other fluff is a huge plus to me. Coming from a single boiler, no wait for steam has also been a game changer, although it's not something I use that much.

Downsides of it, for me, are the basket size, and the volumetric controls being fairly useless. I ended up just setting the volumetric settings way high and using a scale/manual stop.


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Overhanging cabinets are a pain. I do not have input on the models you are considering but relate to placement. I have a challenge with filling the reservoir due to cabinets over most of our counter space. For 12 ½ years my solution was to place my Andreja Premium near the side of my sink near the pull-out retractable spray nozzle. There is enough of an overlap from the overhead cabinet to remove the top warming tray, retract the spray nozzle far enough to reach and fill the reservoir without removing it. The only issue is since the espresso machine is close to the sink the side tends to get water splashing on it requiring regular wiping and cleaning. The Andreja Premium has been a great machine but the motor failed. I ordered a replacement motor and will repair it but wanted something different after all these years.

I just received a new Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus yesterday. I had considered 3 comparable models as well and the final choice was made on my wife's preference based on looks. I am hoping I can make the same placement work but the Izzo is a little taller and the reservoir is offset a bit to the right. There is not only the warming tray that needs to be removed but also an additional cover on the reservoir. I am waiting for the 15-amp power cord adapter before I fill it and set the machine up. There is space on my counter I could fit the Izzo where there is no overhead cabinet, to the far right of where I have the machine now, where the counter takes a couple 45 degree turns toward the cook top, but it would obstruct the open view to the eating nook or family room.

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Just realized the 300 gauge is for steam pressure. Am I thinking correctly that pump pressure is more useful to monitor?
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Pump-pressure gauges are mainly useful on cheap machines with "pressurized" baskets. On other machines, they are occasionally useful if you're adjusting your OPV (very occasional, for most people) or fear that your pump is dying after 5-10 years.

Actual brew pressure, or close to it, is measured on very few machines. Those will generally have a gauge on the group itself. Those gauges are useful for flow-profiling machines, like the Bianca/Synchronika/Profitec Pro or some of the La Marzocco commercial machines.

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JeffNYC wrote:... getting water for Americanos is a bit crude
I've found that water for Americanos, tea, or whatever, is better from a kettle than from the steam boiler. When you steam, you're drawing off effectively distilled water. This leaves minerals behind. Even clean tasting water can become rather unpleasant as mineral concentrations go up. Managing the concentration by periodically drawing off some water is a good idea.

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I would point out that the Vivaldi has been around for years and has a reputation for being extremely reliable. I've owned one and the slide out water tray was immensely convenient.