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Sure. Long term freezer space (and/or vacuum) is probably more important for greens, if you don't go through them quickly.

I'd rather try to roast more often than store beans for long. Some prefer long rest, but with a KL you shouldn't get harsh roasts that might need more time to mellow. It can easily keep up for a household and if you're satisfied with a profile all you need to do is fill, push a button and empty :)

Simple jars of a good size is fine IMO.

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I freeze beans that have rested after the roast and have come to their peak in well-sealed jars, and if there's an air gap, I fill it with a bunched up plastic bag. I grind right out of the freezer and have been doing this for years. It works very well and is easy.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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DELETED. (Moving to new thread in roasting forum)

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LatteLlama wrote:Roaster is supposed to arrive on Friday so my weekend is planned :D

Question: Does any of you have a recommendation on how to store multiple freshly roasted batches?
Is a vacuum box really necessary? How long do you let your espresso roasts rest and how long is it enjoyable after the roast?
I use a half dozen of these air tight or vacuum sealed canisters:

...and just write the origin / estate, roast date, and dialed in grinder setting with a white wax pen on the outside of the glass. Easy to scrape off the 11.2 and change it to 10.8 as the beans age.

I often taste the batches as I make them to adjust parameters, but start drinking the typical 2-3 daily espressos as soon as a couple days later, and up to three weeks later. Some beans seem to taste better or different after a week, others taste about the same after the first few days. I'm not sure if putting the freshly roasted beans under vacuum makes them outgas any faster, but the crazy looking extraction right after roasting is no longer present after a few days under vacuum.

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Alright so first impressions:
I just roasted my first Batch. Roasting is fairly easy and straight forward. The inbuilt profiles are well described and easy to select. The software looks a bit "utilitarian" but it's easy to use and gives tons of information and adjustability. There is also a fairly active community and a bunch of resources like a 7hour Workshop series.

The taste of the first batches I will be able to evaluate in a week or so (can't wait).

Downsides: I hate the buttons. The five buttons to control the roaster are AWEFUL. Feels like a gen. 1 prototype. The electricity cable is not detachable and pretty short, especially since you need to flip the machine to empty out the beans.

Overall I'm still happy with my choice :) I really like to listen to the workshops and get into all the controls and option the software and the roaster offers.

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I agree the buttons feel flimsy, but at least they're clicky and didn't give me the impression that they'd stop working after a while, like the buttons on a Behmor and many PIDs.

It should really come with a handle. You can add your own using the stock screw holes like so: Kaffelogic for the USA is on Indiegogo (no need to drill as long as you find the right size)

I was using the the TightVac / CoffeeVac 250g canister when dumping beans because it fits like the chaff collector. Anything plastic of a similar diameter is helpful.

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I obtained a used KL and am very happy with it - first time roaster and I definitely have some "I have no idea what I am doing" moment, but it is very forgiving on the roaster. you can adjust the hell out of it but by default it's very decent. select the elevation profile, pick the roast level, and hit start, simple as that. had some very good coffee out of it. then you can explore profiles like JRoast or Raost, or buy the boost kit to roast 200gr/batch.

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Have the kaffelogic and it works great but I feel like boost kit is a gimmick. Roasting 150g results in a decent amount of beans in the chafe collector. At 200g, the chafe collector is overflowing. I just started doing decaf and realized decaf doesn't have chafe due to the decaf process. May try next batch of decaf close to 200g to see how it works out.

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Used mine KL for the first time yesterday. 700g of Ethiopian and Brazilian greens roasted and ready for cupping over the weekend.
Awaiting shipment of the boost unit. Fascinating experience.

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Oops - replied almost same message to same thread.