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#1: Post by Ricci »

Hi all
I am looking for some decent 12 ounch/355ml (or thereabouts) mugs that are wide and low (to fit under my stock LMLM double spout portafilter). Surprisingly hard to find, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.
Anyone able to recommend anything? Happy to look at mugs from anywhere really, Australia would be even better.
Thanks in advance.

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Randy G.

#2: Post by Randy G. »

Try a search for "soup mug."
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#3: Post by lancealot »

My favorite mugs are the Lino mugs by NotNeutral. I love the way the fit the hand. I do not know if it will fit under your spouts though.

It would be helpful if you told me the distance between your drip tray and your spouts. This way I could measure my favorite mugs and tell you if they will fit.

Also, a bottomless portafilter is a highly recommended accessory. It 1) helps you to assess the quality of your extractions, 2) makes cleanup easier by eliminating drips on the counter after rinsing your portafilter, and 3) provides you with more mug clearance!


#4: Post by tennisman03110 »

I got these. They work great for me. They are a bit smaller, 10 ounce. Fit under my Breville Dual Boiler, with a scale. And bottomless portafilter.

Pic of my not so good latte art -- you can't see the cup that well, but those are the ones.

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#5: Post by baristainzmking »

Love these insulated mugs. It keeps my latte warm and it fits perfectly under my bottomless portafilter. ... 230&sr=8-3

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#6: Post by slybarman »

I use these, they come in 12 oz and 16 oz. They are pretty low profile. The handle isn't great, but it a good mug otherwise. ... 5244826811