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BaristaBoy E61

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MikeMooney wrote:I loved everything about the Synchronika, except for one thing that I guess you could call a reliability issue - I could not get past the powder-coated frame versus the 100% stainless construction of the V2B. I could just see that frame getting scratched and eventually rusting
+1 for me too, won't buy a machine that does not have an all stainless steel frame.

Regarding the Rocket R58, I also wouldn't buy a machine that had an external PID controller... Unless perhaps it was a Synesso MPV Hydra!
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DavidB wrote: Driving distance to a reputable seller is something that definitely speaks to me, especially since I know that issues are going to come up (though hopefully a bit less often than has been my experience with my early release Lelit HX). I live 1.5 hrs from Great Infusions, who are an authorized seller and service center for Rocket. (I don't believe they are a H-B site sponsor.) they are actually the ones I've been taking my Lelit to for service for the last 18 months, and I like working with them.
I'm 30 minutes from Great Infusions and currently have a Rocket Giotto rotary I bought from them for reasons like yours---proximity for possible warranty issues. They're great guys, and have been very helpful to me in my vintage restorations. The Rocket has been wonderful. Not as beautifully engineered as an ECM, but it makes great espresso, quietly.......


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Just to stick my ancient nose in, being close tom a dealer IS awesome, but as non skilled mechanically as the next songwriter, I had no issues do repairs on my Anitas, Strega lever, and Olympia Cremina. In most cases, help from HB, or online/YouTube videos, etc helped a lot. Things like replacing a pump or such is easy peezy. Now as to digital stuff like PIDs, THAT I'm not so sure of. I would venture to say there no much on these new machines that couldn't be repaired at home..with no soldering and such involved, of course.

Back on topic, I agree with all that these machines often contain identical parts/groups, etc so it would come down to looks, perhaps a feature unique to one model, etc.

As a side note, having an E61 group would enable one to modify the machine with the 'Bianca-fy" pressure profiler thing...see Market Place. Maybe purchase a machine that would allow use of this?
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Folks, thanks again for weighing in and sharing your thoughts.

I was just down at Great Infusions yesterday to have them work on my Mara, and I learned that in addition to Rocket, they are also authorized dealers of Quick Mill and La Speziale. I put the question of DBs to Sebastian, their lead tech, and he felt the QM Vetrano 2B would be the best for me given what I'm looking for. Obviously I wouldn't expect him to recommend anything he doesn't sell, although he specifically said that he's had customers bring in Profitecs for service, and he thinks the V2B is more reliable (he couldn't recall which model Profitec he worked on, and his statement may reflect a combination of personal experience and 2nd hand anecdote). Nor did he think the La Speziale Vivaldi outperforms the V2B in a home setting, though he did say that it handles higher volumes, and also that it's a more forgiving machine (requires less attention to pour a good shot). Finally, Writer, I saw a confirmation posted on the "Bianca-fy" thread that the QM machines are compatible with it, so that would be a possible future upgrade path. Yes, I would like to improve my own tech skills, but many of my problems on the Mara have been electrical.

Anyhow, the Mara seems to be working without issue for the moment (3rd p-stat replacement, air blown through tubes to clear out any scale flakes, and adjustments to both safety and OPV valves). Fortunately more signs of corrosion. This upgrade is going to happen sooner or later, but I'm going to be very deliberate. Or perhaps I'll see if I can convince him to take it as a trade-up :D

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How about the Rocket Nine One?


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It would be sweet, except that it's pretty far outside my budget (comparable to a LM GS3)!