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I have opened and repaired several espresso machines, mostly E61s. The two machines I use the most are a Bezzera Strega and an Izzo Alex Duetto. The Izzo is really in a different league when you look at the inside. Everything is substantial and robust and the layout is very elaborate. My unit is a second generation built in 2012 and I bought it used 6 years ago. The gaskets in the E61 group have been changed once but nothing else had to be done so far.
Each generation of the Izzo Alex Duetto has seen major improvements so my choice would be the current one without hesitation. Of course you have to like the look and I think it is a bit wider than an ECM. But in comparison to other E61 machines this one really feels to have been made for commercial use.

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Having service different brand E61 machines, I concur.
It's my E61 first choice for least stressful self-servicing as they are one of the best laid out for relatively easy parts access.
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I've had a QuickMill Silvano and used it for probably about 10 years, before reselling it due to upgrading.
It worked fine, never needed to replace a gasket or anything from what I can remember.
I'm sure an E61 machine can last just as long but I don't think it will work that well for that long without some maintenance work being done. E61 seems a bit more finicky. More parts etc. The design is from the 60s...

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Reliability is a funny thing. People often confuse it with longetivity or ease/lack of maintenance.

Would you rather have a machine that keeps working endlessly when neglected?
A machine that can be easily maintained and has cheap replacement parts?
A heavy duty commercial machine, but service is not cheap?

You can have a very reliable brand like La Marzocco, but that doesn't make it cheap to maintain. Within the E61 I don't see a lot of variance since all pumps, electronics and grouphead pretty much come from 2 or 3 manufacturers.
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photony83 wrote: Current contenders are ECM Synchronika, Lelit Bianca, Alex Duetto IV but open to others as well.
only milk based drinks.. and 95% of the time its the Costa Rican Tarrazu beans we buy as green and home roast to city+ level on a fresh roast 700.

is there a truly reliable brand among them?
Bad news first: answer to your question is: no. But there is also a good news: all you need is Vietnamese Cafe Phin filter. Using Fresh Roast 700 I doubt you will see a difference ;-)


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i was going through this exact question a few weeks ago,
but slightly differnt from you, my starting point was Rocket R58, Lelit Bianca, ECM Synchronika, Profitec Pro 700.

The answers I got were:
- E61 machines are pretty much the same
- Pick one that is easy to maintain
- Pick one with well laid out internals for easy repairs

It came down to Sync and Pro 700.
R58 I heard isn't well laid out for repairs, and the more i looked at the Bianca's wood accents, it got old very fast.
But looks are subjective.

Then I chose the Pro 700, becuase I didn't like the joystick and white pressure indicator on the ECM.
The overall harmony on the Pro 700 with all chrome & black looked much better.

Good luck on your search!


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- First thing for reliability is less electronics that can break down. So avoid PID's and dual boilers and buy a E61 HX machine as it's much more simple technology
- Second is good water as the biggest problem with a machine is scaling up
- Third is regular small maintenance which is easy to do yourself and with this you avoid major problems in the long run
- The most simple machines are manual levers but I kind of feel that's not the path you want to go. These machines can go for decades with minimal maintenance

I've serviced and owned a lot of different machines and really like Rocket for build quality. Agree on ECM is nice but you pay way too much for the brand instead of mere quality. But go for a big brand as it's easy to get components and have it fixed.
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That's 100% spot on. It's like wanting the 'most reliable automobile" and then never changing the oil.


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A very important thing to be aware of is the laws of physics. The espresso machines are all about things heating up, cooling down, pressure going up & down, hot water flowing around etc. There is bound to be stress associated with these phenomenon hence depending on your luck & usage certain components may give up and you will be forced to take care of it over time either yourself or through a vendor.

A very important point made in the Newbie Introduction to Espresso videos is, most of the reputable vendors who are sponsors here too and these companies have been around for some time and have a support staff to walk you through issues along with spare parts, unlike the big box stores storing a bit more commodity espresso machines.

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To abuse a photography aphorism, the most reliable espresso machine is the one you don't have with you. :lol: