Monolith Flat for 2500€?

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#1: Post by romaen »

I have the possibility to buy a used Monolith Flat (Feb 2020) for 2500€.
Idealy I was looking for a Monolith Max - will I really taste any difference? Would you buy it?
(I would only use it for espresso)

What are your opinions?


#2: Post by mathof » replying to romaen »

Unless you use a lot of ultra-light Scandinavian-style beans for which the Max is intended, I would snap it up. I've had my Flat since 2016 and it had been unfailingly satisfying. Although I was perfectly happy with the original Mythos burrs, I decided recently to change to Kafatek's Shuriken SLM burrs, mostly out of curiosity and faith in the company. In fact, the results in the cup are even better than I would have thought possible. A 2020 Flat, however, would probably have SSP burrs, which might be closer in taste to the Shurikens than the Mythos.

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#3: Post by Nate42 »

I have a flat and I love it. It's hard to imagine a Max would be THAT much better. And the flat is no slouch with those ultra light Scandinavian roasts actually. Max is supposedly better but it's not like original can't do it.

Could be wrong but my understanding was flat always came with mythos oem burrs by default with ssp as optional upgrade. So I would double check with person you are buying from.

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#4: Post by LBIespresso »

I have a flat with Shuriken SW burrs and a Max with SSP burrs and have blind cupped with them. They are different but in my mind equal. I cupped them with a light roasted Yirgacheffe. I posted my experience on the Kafatek forum. ... ?u=cremina
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#5: Post by cskorton »

If you snatch it up report back to us on how it compares to your niche.