Molykote 111 Lubricant Alternative that is H3 Rated

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#1: Post by LewBK »

I was looking for an alternative to Molykote lubricant that is NSF H3 rated for direct food contact instead of NSF rated H1 for incidental food contact as Molykote is. I was wondering if anyone has tried this Edible Gel 57 that is H3 rated and manufactured by Slipstream in Britain: ... 1464520905 If you have, what do you think of it as a substitute? Is there a different H3-rated lubricant you've tried? Note, I would rather not get into a debate about the safety or toxicity of Molykote.

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#2: Post by trumz »

Maybe SuperLube has something... I personlly use it for steam wand valves.


#3: Post by LewBK »

Thanks. I noticed that SuperLube does have an H3 rated one: My concern is that is "a lightweight oil" and I wondered if that wouldn't work for O-rings and group heads and such. Wouldn't something more viscous be required?

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#4: Post by TomC »

in regards to the Edible Gel 57, Im wondering why they state "minimum shelf life of 12 months". What's the maximum? Does it go bad?


#5: Post by LewBK »

All good questions. I'm not sure. I imagine if it is a vegetable-based lubricant there is a potential that it has a limited shelf life. I wonder if anyone on HB has tried it.


#6: Post by Jeff »

I think you're going to be hard pressed to find anything more viscous than mineral oil with an H3 rating. -- select H3 from the categories.

Some general information at ... 200901.pdf

Edit: ... r-fiction/ suggests that there are still some technical issues, including stability, with "truly food-grade" grease


#7: Post by LewBK »

The author of the article linked last makes having a viscous vegetable-based H3 lubricant sound difficult but not impossible. I'm hoping there is one out there that works.