Milk Pitchers for Getting into Latte Art

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I'm looking for ideas for Christmas gifts under 100$, and thought a milk pitcher would be a good idea. I make relatively small drinks, 6oz or so, and want to try to make art for Cortados as well.

I haven't seen recent posts about milk pitchers, and wanted to know of any recommendations people have.

I currently mostly use a Decent brand 350ml, but want to try some other things. I hold the pitchers with thumb and pointer on the body, and two fingers wrapped inside the handle. I am not opposed to handleless pitchers, and am rather interested in them. Thanks!
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Ok, sounds like you either use a throttle or pencil grip (depending on how much actual contact you make with the thumb and index). If you're only using the tips (pencil grip), it'll be easiest to continue using a handled pitcher, so you don't have to alter your mechanics. However, if you really spread the thumb and index and are kinda grabbing the pitcher with them (throttle grip), then it probably wouldn't change anything to go to a handleless pitcher. The 15cl Motta Europa would be my recommendation, given your needs. It's handled, so you wouldn't have to change your grip at all, and this size is great for anything from a cortado to about a 6oz drink, but nothing much bigger. They're really well built with sturdy thick polished stainless steel. The spouts are great for art, and their alignment, while not perfect, is pretty good on average. I own 8 Europa pitchers (two of each size), and none of them are so poorly aligned I would really complain about it.

EDIT: Hey, my bad...the smallest one is 25cl, not 15.

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I hold the pitcher like this. I was wondering what people thought of brands like slow pour supply, and how they compare to Decent.
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So, yeah, that's a throttle grip. I've not tried the Slow Pour Supply jugs. I've used a no name generic that was kinda crummy, the Toroid (which I didn't like at all), and then settled on the Motta Europas. I have two different sizes of the Barista Hustle jugs as well, but honestly, I like the Mottas better. Hopefully, someone with the experience you're looking for will chime in here.


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I have 2 of the narrow tip 15oz jugs from SlowPourSupply. I started with the stock Breville, then moved to 12oz Joe Frex Teflon coated and now to these. I've been very happy with the quality of them. For cortados the 15oz size some getting used to with frothing a small amount of milk, but they're about the same diameter as the 12oz pitchers I have so it wasn't a huge adjustment.

I don't have any experience with the Decent pitchers so can't provide a comparison though.

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#6: Post by bluesman »

I've used Rattleware for a few years and love them - they've held up very well, pour beautifully, and feel great. I have three 12 oz and one 20 oz traditional SS with handles, plus a 16 oz with no handle. As I got better at foaming, I've put less and less milk in the pitcher, and my milk drinks are never larger than a 6 oz cap (unless a guest confuses our home with Starbucks...). So I use a 12 oz almost all the time.

And they're inexpensive compared to the fancy ones.


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For the sake of discussion, what are the options out there? From what I can remember:

The other hundreds of random brands out there

Mid-range ($30-$60)
Fellow Eddy
Motta Europa
Decent Espresso
Barista Hustle
Slow Pour WPM
Barista Swag Ultra Sharp


I think what will narrow things down the most is volume and spout shape. All those gnarly intricate latte art designs seem to be made with super sharp spouts, which of course is more demanding but more precise. Fwiw, I have a Europa and it's overall a nice pitcher, but the only art it's really capable of is really nice and easy hearts and tulips. The spout is far too wide for any intricate designs. The heavier gauge stainless also requires you to change how you feel for temp a little, since it's a little more delayed than with thinner pitcher.

I too am in the market for a new pitcher to try out, as I'm currently using a "Cream" pitcher that I picked up while I was in Canada, which has been decent but I'm curious to how one of those super sharp competition pitchers perform.


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WPM/Slow Pour Supply are by far my favorites that I've tried. I work full time as a barista and compete when I can, for what it's worth, so I've spent a lot of time trying different pitchers to find my favorite, including Rattleware, Revolution, Decent, Barista Hustle, and the aforementioned WPM. Personally I prefer a rounder spout, which they have in abundance, but friends of mine prefer narrower spouts and use their pitchers as well. Based on your grip, you could stick to a handled model, or try a handleless; since you're already partially gripping the pitcher by its body anyway. Just my $0.02 though - if I had to choose a second favorite it'd probably be rattleware, hard to beat for the price. Good luck choosing and hope you enjoy your new tool!