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Cafesp wrote:It's a drink and it's only a drink !
I think most here are having fun, but still have a notion of quality that makes it slightly more important than "normal". The problem with black & white print is the lack of body language, tone of voice, irony, etc.
So, what you write here easily reads as, it's just a drink, and a response could be, what do you do here if you think like that? Have a job in the *$$ lab and searching for intelligence?
If subject substance were wine, we could say, in vino veritas, but then the question would be how to get it out.
Cafesp wrote:Still looking for a GOOD grinder for Drip
According to my dictionary, a funny question now could be, if you intend to take the coffee intravenously?
However, if someone translates "drip" literally into my native language, that person might think you were talking STD.

A fundamental and more serious question is though if a (home) barista should be able to do other coffee preparations than espresso.
If the honorable forum would think so, it might be an idea to set up dedicated fora for these preparations.


Cafesp (original poster)

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IMAWriter wrote:WHY?

...The OP has 3 super expensive espresso grinders, and can't get decide which makes the best DRIP coffee :lol:
Cause they're too good for espresso so....they're... no good for DRIP! :lol:

I've found 3 grinders might well suit for drip
The Ditting 804 Series Coffee Grinders are best used for coffee grinding in a cupping room or lab, or for restaurants.
The KR804 Series has the addition of a vibrator plate as well as different design of the discharge tube.
Whether you want to grind a large or small amount of coffee, whether the grind needs to be fine or coarse: in our range of products you will find the right machine for your requirements ... lpggrinder

Profile Portion Control Coffee Grinder is one of the best built and most reliable on the market today. This is the grinder of choice in our coffee service business for high end offices where our customers want fresh ground gourmet coffee in their office. Take a look at some of it's features and we think you will see why it's the grinder of choice at Chris' Coffee Service, Inc

Large 6 Pound Bean Hopper
Low Profile (Only 15 3/4" High)
Quiet high torque motor
Large 3 3/16" diameter burrs ( 81 mm)
Three Year Warranty on grinding burrs ... .htm#kenia
Mahlkonig Kenia Retail Grinder


...entry into high quality.

This stylish grinder that requires only little space is well suited for small coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants with small to medium demand for coffee. Its grinding gear is protected mechanically against damage, a bag clamper provides easy handling.


Stylish, upscale european design.
Colors: Gold, Silver, or Copper (are subject to availability and please specify when ordering).
Bag clamping.
Hopper magnet / Finger protection.
Motor + electrical overload protection.
Spout cleaning.
13 grind settings.

Still looking for a GOOD grinder... for Drip and thanks for your input.

Cafesp :D
Love is in the air, Taste it!


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Cafesp wrote:DITTING_KR804
USD 1595 and they say: "The original discs can be used 2-3 times after re-sharpening."
I hope for you it is better than that! :twisted:
And then they say: "Infinitely-adjustable fineness setting, from Turkish, Espresso, and Filter to Coarse"
Which makes you wonder about the "Espresso" setting.
An interesting feature they mention is: "The KR804 Series has [...] a vibrator plate"
Put the filter paper in the clamp on the tube and you will have very evenly distributed grinds in it.
Would it be an idea to do double (or triple) blind testing to determine the taste effect of this contraption?
Would the clamp hold your cafetière as well?
Cafesp wrote:[Bunn] [Low] Profile Portion Control Coffee Grinder
Interesting design for hotel and institution kitchens where invisible to customers.
Cafesp wrote:Mahlkonig Kenia Retail Grinder
Features: Stylish, upscale european design.
Upscale meaning "plain, big."
"European design" - probably designed by an aesthetically uncivilized civil engineer in the 1950's. Correction, make that mechanical engineer.


When this was with some, maybe sarcastic, fun, now without.
We have a few Turkish members in the forum (e.g. kahvedelisi) and I would wonder about the favorite traditional grinder they would use in Istanbul or non-Western for that matter. If you want to do a good Tubruk/Indonesian style (very coarse), cafetière (pretty coarse), or Turkish style (extremely fine) then you do not want fines or dust that the espresso burrs would produce. Which one would they use?
Probably the answer is Dittig or Mahlkoenig (the " on the o in German is an indication for an omitted e, so ö is equivalent to oe), yet I don't know - there might be a specific Turkish brand even. I once wandered Istanbul and e.g. went through the plumbers' street, but did not bump into the coffee machine street back then.