Mazzer Super Jolly for home use in 2022

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#1: Post by drH »

I've been thinking about my next step in grinders since my 64mm Moca went down for repair.
I like traditional nut/chocolate espresso but I do experiment with lighter roasts sometimes.
This is only for espresso and I have some high quality manual conicals so I'm interested in getting a flat burr.
I want something with a great quality build and I lean toward known manufactures that have vendors to provide support. In this way (and bc of cost) I'll probably exclude Kafatek and Weber.

I've been thinking a lot about the Lagom P64- although it's not readily available.

What about the Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro?
Commercial build, may accept a variety of burrs, and the hopper can be customized for single dosing. ... nders.html

Sure I'll have to purge a few grams every morning but that's manageable.
Any reason why this should be an obviously bad idea?

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#2: Post by MNate »

If you can find a nice used Super Jolly (or any nice commercial grinder) for a good price I think they are totally good for home. I had a Super Jolly for awhile and got good results. With a few mods you can get retention down a bit if you don't use a hopper. Most retention is with a chute flap. Mazzer, Compak, etc.

But... if you pay anywhere close to $700 a Niche is much better for home use, imo. No retention. Very reliable. Easy adjustments. You just don't worry about your grinder anymore. (Until you decide to chase diminishing returns in the above excellent grinders you mentioned).


#3: Post by dilin »

+1 for a modded SJ which allows for single dosing. I recently started doing WDT and I have to say, it does produce results in the cup.

Later you can even switch between SSP HU / SSP unimodal 64mm burrs. But for me, right now, the original Mazzer is more than adequate enough.

drH (original poster)
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#4: Post by drH (original poster) »

I'm on board. In this case what's the difference really between the Mazzer Mini and the SJ? If they both take 64mm burrs, is the Mini the better option?


#5: Post by dilin »

Other people will probably chime in with more accurate answers. But, in a nutshell, the Mini has a smaller motor (less torque), and the burr set is optimized for the smaller motor. It could result in stalling on lighter roasts.


#6: Post by timbagahan »

From what I remember, the Mini actually uses 58mm burrs, but it can be modded with 64mm burr carriers.

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#7: Post by Jaroslav »

drH wrote: What about the Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro?
I'm all in for the SJ V Pro, I wanted one ever since it was announced. A significant evolution from the old SJ.
timbagahan wrote:From what I remember, the Mini actually uses 58mm burrs, but it can be modded with 64mm burr carriers.
Doser uses 58mm, Mini A and B use 64mm.

Just a heads up - there's also a new 2022 version of the Mini A, B and Filter.

drH (original poster)
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#8: Post by drH (original poster) »

So it sounds like the SJ is a workable home grinder and many folks are satisfied with it.
I suppose the answer will come down to other usability elements like cleanliness and workflow.
The Lagom looks like it would win on cleanliness, although the SJ dosing funnel seems to do a fine job.
Perhaps the real differentiator is retention. Mazzer claims lower retention on the new versions but probably doesn't get as low as the Lagom. Nevertheless, it's probably necessary to purge a gram or two in any case so I'm not sure this makes a huge difference.

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#9: Post by spressomon »

IDK, the grind adjuster ring on my old Mazzer Mini wasn't all that plus the mess plus the retention.

FWIW, my 2016 Kafatek Monolith Flat I purchased new has been a great purchase. And no internal plastic pieces...which is one of the things I didn't like about the Niche I bought and used for our RV. They come up for sale used a little more often now than a few years ago. If you're looking for a single dose grinder that will satisfy you for decades to come I suggest waiting for a used Kafatek assuming the price of new is too much of a stretch.
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#10: Post by ShotClock »

I think for medium to dark espresso, the Niche is fantastic - thick syrupy shots with a pain-free workflow and at a very reasonable price. For lighter roasts, I never really got decent results, but others may have better experiences.

I recently got a Monolith Flat with SLM burrs, which does an amazing job with filter, light roasted espresso and even the same medium to dark espresso that the Niche is so good at. The only compromise vs the Niche is that it doesn't have the same thick body. Monolith also has incredible build quality, all metal and feels very solid. The only moving and electronic components are generic DC motor and controller, which should be easy to replace if Kafatek ever goes belly up. Can be had for less than an 807, and without too much of a wait if you sign up for the Kafatek forum and buy a preorder from someone who'd like to sell...