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Jaroslav wrote:Best 40€ I've spent on equipment so far.
I fully agree with Jaroslav, these new Mazzer 233M burrs are well worth the money in my Mazzer Mini A.
I like the espresso (medium roast level) taste from the 233M better than from the original 189D burrs.
I can not comment on 33M burrs because I never had 33M burrs.

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I just received a new Mini A. Right now I'm using the stock 189D burrs and I'm pleasantly surprised. I expected this to be bad, but with the medium to dark roasts I like, it tastes great. This is Day 1, so I have many more comparisons to do, but as a first impression I'd still give the edge to the 233M burrs for smoother aftertaste. I have a separate pair of 233M that I might swap in eventually- for me the biggest motivation might be the increased grinding speed.
But overall the Mazzer Mini has good feel and usability.