Mazzer Super Jolly as 'great' single doser after mods?

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#1: Post by pdx-climber »

Wondering the current take on a SJ converted to doserless as a SD solution.

I'd just get a NZ except I want to go with flat burrs as I favor light roasts (and I know many arguments in that space both ways persist). You can get SJ's quite cheap used (looking at one for $300 now w/spare new burrs). I know 64mm isn't quite the 'big flat burrs' that you get on a Monolith or such so maybe the flavor out of a NZ would be better??? A >$1K grinder is not in my world - not a 'save until you can' issue, it's simply a value proposition.

Also I am assuming the Astoria branded SJ is the same as the Mazzer as far as guts/use/etc. One question I pose is its use for pourover/etc - ie how easy/quick/repeatable is it for changing? I have a Virtuoso but I would prefer one machine for all uses... so quick(ish) and reliable changes from course to espresso.

Just for fun I would open this discussion up to other options for BFG's (big flat grinders) that are good for SD and changing as above. In the <$1K range (used is fine). I know the Atom line is in there, tho honestly anything beyond on-off switch is fluff to me. I will weigh each dose and I dont mind a switch, but I do mind electronics and touch-screens dying.



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I have a super jolly (Rio branded) that I converted to single doser with an octopus funnel and a cake frosting bopper. I also added SSP burrs. I love it. Very little retention. Rips through 18g of beans in only a few seconds.

I also have a virtuoso for pour over. The SJ with stock burrs or ssp espresso burrs is terrible for pourover - just a muddy mess. The virtuoso is 10x better for pourover. You may be able to make acceptable pourover if you buy the SSP brew burrs - but then you're brewing non standard espresso (thought to be lighter body, sweeter, etc..). I like thick, juicy, fruity medium roasts and I love the SSP espresso burrs. For me it's worth it to have the SJ and the virtuoso.

Picked up from craigslist and HB, the SJ, SSP Burrs, and virtuoso were a grand total of $600 - so still less than the niche - and I can leave my SJ dialed in for espresso, and my virtuoso for pourover.

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#3: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

I just converted my SJ to single dose with 3d printed parts, but still getting a bunch of static even with RDT, so I am trying to solve that, otherwise I might flip it and put the money towards the NZ. I might just place my order for a NZ as they are relatively easy to sell for even money just as a backup.

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#4: Post by lessthanjoey »

I have SSP and Daniel Wong's home-doserless conversion ( Also just added a 3D-printed throat insert to prevent beans gettung stuck on the flat spots below the hopper.

No issues with static for espresso grind although I use RDT if I'm grinding coarse otherwise the chaff kinda flies everywhere. If you're getting static, is it coming from a plastic output chute? Might want to consider a stainless front plate and chute if that's the case.

I haven't compared to a big flat though.


#5: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Yeah I think I might need to get a stainless steel pipe. I have a 3d printed plate and brass pipe coming out of it. Maybe stainless has less static.