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I can see the de1 being great for transport and teaching, but if you are looking to give them a cafe experience, it seems out of place.

If going with a de1, I'd definitely look at a single dose grinder.

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I get what you mean, but size, portablity, quick start up, lower amps and versatility was difficult to say no. I suppose I could have gone with something like the E1 prima and get an expensive 30 amp DE that can stream and pull shots at the same time but then the prima doesn't come with its own suitcase does it? In the newer versions of the DE1 there are buttons like a regular espresso machine and you can remove the tablet and it will keep on going on the last setting which is perfectly adequate for my purposes. In advanced sessions maybe the tablet can come out but the fact that the DE can mirror other machines seems well suited for training. But regardless of the versatility it needs to be small and the DE is certainly that. I'm testing out how well it will work, and if successful I get more otherwise I'll go In a different direction and use the DE for more specific applications.

The DE of course pairs well with the niche or other single dosers but those grinders are missing functionality that a cafe grinder has. I'm not looking for whats most convenient for my morning flow I'm looking for what the most features I can get in a small package. I'm just testing the setup like I said, the machines won't get wasted and they will be put to good use no matter what direction I go with.