A manual espresso machine (ie ROK, Flair) with both a portafilter AND a pressure gauge?

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the rok, the flair, the cafelat robot, those are the only three that i know of that are completely un-electric.

but only the rok uses a proper handled portafilter (that is normal size? idk), and yet the rok doesn't have a gauge to measure the amount of pressure the shots are being pulled (pushed through, i guess might be more accurate) at.

would something like this work? https://www.espressoparts.com/portafilt ... -gauge-kit is it measuring the same pressure that a gauge from above measures, or is portafilter pressure something different?

i really don't understand these things well yet, im sorry to say. so something such as this is the same as the above link? Building a Portafilter Pressure Gauge

but well, i saw james hoffman's videos, and in particular, the smart espresso profiler one, he mentions lever espresso machines (including the rok and the flair specifically), but while he mentioned them, he didn't say that the smart espresso profiler was attachable to the rok.

i personally like most things about the rok compared to the flair, from the design of the levers to the portafilter to the ease of use, but the lack of a pressure gauge is a bummer.

just wondering if there is a machine out there that ticks all those boxes. or even a machine that is like la pavoni or olympia cremina, with steaming capabilities (which i assume goes hand in hand with internal pre-heating capabilities), but that isn't 1000$ or more :/

edit: i just found this via youtube suggestions (idk why youtube couldn't suggest it earlier or how i didn't notice it before) but idk much about it (no im not trying to endorse it, i really dont know much about it and just found it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUqj4Hw1NzQ


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A La Pavoni Europiccola is around $700 and has a portafilter, has steaming capabilities and you can add a gauge to the piston.

I personally have the Flair PRO2 and love it, you could use the Bellman steamer or even a French press for milk.


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I think espressoforge is probably what you are looking for? I don't have any experience with it but from what I read it does have a normal size portafilter and a pressure gauge.