Malwani Livi hand grinder - users' opinion?

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#1: Post by ste »

Hello there, I am looking for a high-end grinder and was considering going manual - I might be mistaken there

- I currently used a JX Pro (paired with a Flair) so for espresso
- I think manual means lowest retention and possibly longer lifetime - not sure
- you can get an 83mm burr
- I believe it will be easier to maintain and clean

As a cheaper alternative to the HG-2, I could select the Malwani Livi. Delivered to Dubai it would cost 1,200$ vs. the 2,000$ of the HG-2, if I consider custom duties, VAT savings, and delivery.

So a huge difference.

What I am interested to know is users' opinion on the Malwani and there really isn't much out there!

Can it stand up to the Weber HG in terms of usability and grind quality?
Do you recommend it?
Is it really worth the money?
Will electric give me the same grind quality?

Hope you can share your experience!



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#2: Post by drH »

Great question.
My Livi should arrive in 4 weeks or so, and I'll be sure to report back.
I really wanted to try the 83mm conicals, and short of buying a Robur or an HG-2, this seemed like the best option. Plus it's very beautiful with an aesthetic that's, at least in my mind, fits better with a lever machine.
I can't compare it to an HG-2, but I do have a few other conicals (Niche, Bplus Apollo, Commandante) so I may be able to do a few comparisons.

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#3: Post by ste (original poster) »

Would be so interesting to hear your comparison especially to the Niche which has seemingly a better burr (Mazzer Kony) though a smaller one.

Malwani staff told me they sport Italmill burrs.

Is the Niche Zero so much better than the Apollo, when it comes to taste?

May I ask you when you ordered your Malwani?
They told me if I order it now, I'll receive it in around 5 months :D

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#4: Post by drH replying to ste »

I ordered mine last September but due to Covid there were many (expected) delays. I was told that the burrs come from the same factory that makes the Mazzer Robur burrs, so hopefully they are similar. Others on this site have successfully swapped in the Mazzer 83mm and report good results so I may try that.

I actually didn't find the Niche to be better in taste than the Apollo on the medium to medium-dark beans I prefer. But the workflow on the Niche is superior: fast, simple dosing into their stainless cup, low static. On the Apollo I get static explosions unless I use the water droplet technique. The Niche is also very easy to dial in, switch settings to pour-over, then return to espresso without having a lengthy dial-in process again. On the Apollo (probably most hand grinders) switching settings successfully might take a little longer.

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Very interesting thanks a lot!

It's impressive how the Apollo performs, and even more impressive how the Niche is top notch when it comes to workflow and ease of dialing in - I always thought hand grinding would be easier to dial in, but my comparison is only JX Pro with the Specialità!

As of the Malwani, I confirm they are Italmill burrs but again, those are great burrs (I read) and switching to the Mazzer ones will probably not result in a worthwhile difference in the cup.
You have plenty of time to figure that :D

Hope you will enjoy your Livi and hope you will post your opinion!