Majesty Coffee hardware vendor experiences ?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by GeorgeP922 »

I am sorry this is not a true advice post geared at a specific product, but about a vendor.
The reason I ask for input into this vendor is 2 fold:
1-There is literally zero posts here or Reddit beyond 2 people mention they bought their machine there and 1 person asking the same question I am right now(to no response). On their Facebook there is one review and it is negative (claim was DOA machine, they took it back but charged 150$ to reviewer) The only excuse is that they overwhelmingly sell to businesses and not home users.
2-They don't seem to sell even a single accessory or part as far as I can tell. That is a small red flag to me.
Maybe they don't need the overhead, or the profit is less, or it doesn't move fast enough.
2B- I don't see any mention of a repair shop they have at their office, I am within driving distance of them so if my grinders have a problem I can easily drive there.

I am looking at buying a Mahlkonig and a Eureka grinder from them.
Im pretty sure everyone drop ships Mahlkonig and I think Eureka too so I probably will be OK.

Thanks for any insights or opinions.

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#2: Post by JG »

Did you end up swinging by their place and/or buying from them? I'm considering them for a machine potentially, but had the same questions you mention..

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#3: Post by JG »

Talking them it turned out they get what I wanted from Chris Coffee, me thinks other items as well probably. Repair, depending on case by case, would likely go a similar route..

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#4: Post by HB »

I'm not claiming they're a scam site, but Beware of fraudulent online espresso equipment vendors offers some general advice for verifying a business' legitimacy. For example:
Search engines are your friends. Word of mouth recommendations pass quickly on the Internet. Searching on "<espresso-vendor> complaints" or "<espresso-vendor> problems" or "<espresso-vendor> scam" will lead to public discussions.
This led me to a few unhappy reports and the BBB rating of D+ for not responding to a customer resolution request.
Dan Kehn

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#5: Post by JG »

Thank you, I found that now as well!