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I'm looking to move up in grinders. Presently I have a Baratza Sette 270wI which I find OK. I've always had a desire to try to trade up the Sette to avoid the inevitable demise of the Sette's plastic gears. So I now have a line on a used Mahlkönig K30. I've also been eyeing the Niche Zero. Since Niche now have stock, the exorbitant wait times for delivery are avoided and it becomes a viable grinder option. As far as price point, both would end up costing me the same so that does not become a deciding factor.

Of course I've a home espresso setup. My espresso machine is a Quick Mill Vertrano 2B. So, how does the K30 compare to the Niche as a home grinder. I guess I'm comparing horses to donkeys here but if I should make a choice to go with one of these grinders, which is my better option. I'm sure people will chime in to ask what are my requirements. Its a difficult question for me to answer because I'm relatively new to home espresso. I tend to stick to one bean type and use my Sette in a on-demand setting. I haven't single dosed with the Sette, although I'm not averse to SD. I WDT so clumping (which is talked about in the K30) is not going to be a concern. I drink 2-3 double espressos per day. Thanks for any advice.
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I have both grinders, and each have their strengths. Overall, I tend to like the shots I get from the k30 better than the niche. I drink everything from light-medium dark. I use the k30 as intended - hopper filled and go through that batch of beans, and works well for this use. I make as many as 6-8 drinks in the morning, so appreciate the speed and workflow with this grinder.

When I'm wanting to experiment, dial in different beans, or want something different than what is in the hopper, I will use the niche. Sometimes I will use the niche with the same bean in the hopper. Sometimes I prefer the niche, but 75% of the time the k30 shot tends to me more enjoyable. No scientific studies on this at all, just casual observation.

I like having both, and build quality is good on both, but edge goes to k30. I have no doubt it will last many years/decades in a home setting. If money and counter space is not a concern, get both and decide for yourself :)

If I HAD to choose between the 2, I'd probably lean towards the k30 fwiw.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or want to know anything specific

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Major difference between these two grinders comes down to usage. The K30 can not single dose and retains a lot of retention vs the Niche Zero. Would definitely prefer the K30 in a cafe or multi use setting but for the average home user the workflow of a single dose grinder with low retention has it's advantages.
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We have been using a K30 at home for single dosing for several years with good results despite some retention. Actually more retention than I would have liked to see when I took it apart. Never-the-less it is a very good grinder and purchasing one 2nd hand would likely mean that when it's time to cash out that you would likely take a very small loss if any at all.
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robmack (original poster)

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this discussion and offered their views. In the end, I got a line on yet another grinder - a Eureka Atom 75 - that was also available within my budget. I purchased that grinder because it also checked off many of my requirements but also that the K30 I had been looking at was an ex-cafe machine and was in only fair condition. I've learned a lot from the contributions to the thread all the same.
- Robert

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Took my K30 apart last week.There is room for some retention in the funnel.Didn't measure it.I just dump a 3 grams for my first shot in the morning.During the day it doesn't bother me at all.Keep that hopper filled.
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