Lucca Atom 75 - should I get it?

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Advice requested: Should I get this grinder?
My current setup is a Sette 270 with an E61 machine. My wife switched to decaf, that means constantly changing grind settings, so... perfect excuse to get a new grinder! Sette will be the decaf grinder.

I like everything about this, except, realistically, it is not a single dose grinder. I do go through bags serially; I finish one bag before switching to another. I brew 2 to 3 drinks a day for myself, so I'm worried that keeping beans in the hopper overnight will make them stale. I could feed the hopper just 50 grams at a time, to minimize this, but I want to know what people think of letting some beans camp out overnight in the hopper.

Thanks everyone.

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Being that you're in Portland, you should go visit Clive and see what you think of it. Bring your own coffee and ask if you can go through the dial in process with it, using the TrueGrind app.

I've had one on my bench for just shy of two weeks, and I like it well enough. The digital read out of the grind position is a nice thing to have on the screen, but that's about the only thing that really gets me jazzed about the electronic interface, and any grinder that has a good zero-based grind scale will be just as useful in that regard. Currently, I'm taking advantage of that fact that Heidi can make her own coffee, and she routinely makes the first shot of the morning, allowing me to avoid the 24 hr "dry-aged" retention from the day before. I've then been verifying the dose weight and pretending like I have no idea what I'm doing and blindly following the Dial-In Assistant to see how long it takes to get a new coffee that isn't in the library dialed in.

I'm on day 4 with this coffee and yesterday's shot was an improvement from 85s the day before to 60s. I'm shooting for 36s, and the Dial In Assistant won't allow for more than 60s for shot time, so it thought that I needed to make a smaller move than was reality when I had the 85s choker. We'll see how it goes today, but the motto of "Goodbye wasted beans. Hello Lucca" seems a bit lofty at this point. As I mentioned in the review, changing the grind changes the dose, so there is a constant validation step you have to take outside of the Dial In Assistant suggesting new grind settings and my fundamental issue is that if you know how to adjust the grind time to get the correct dose, you posses the basic understanding needed to adjust the grind size to get the correct shot time, so who is this really for? If it recommended a new grind size and a new grind time, then we would be building capabilities of newbies in a meaningful way, but it isn't really hitting the mark for me, or any coffee enthusiasts I know, and it is leaving newbies with only half a solution, so they will still be frustrated.

Other than that, I like the mythos burrs and the workflow and the fact that my wife happily serves as a purge to eliminate the stale grounds.


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PeetsFan (original poster)

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Thank you very much.

I tried using the hopper with my Sette, and the results were generally better, and use was easier... IF I am making a lot of drinks. But for 2-4 drinks a morning, emptying the hopper after use and purging the grinder is a pain.

What I want is a flat burr grinder with a hopper that you can seal after use. Why hasn't anyone thought of that? Then you'd just purge out a gram or two after sealing the hopper.

I almost bought a Niche, but read that it's conical burrs would deliver little difference. So I think I'd like a flat burr grinder. Just can't figure out which.

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My personal opinion is that neither Peets nor Stumptown are the kinds of coffees that might benefit from modern, flat burrs. From Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Review , I don't think you're going to see day and night differences in the cup between the Atom and a Niche Zero. You're already out of the world of barely adequate espresso grinders with the Sette. Arguably, no matter what you upgrade to, you aren't going to dramatically change the quality of your espresso just with a change of grinder.

I do think you'll see significant differences in usability between the two, give your description of your use patterns. The smoother session prep, use, and cleanup of the Niche Zero may make your overall experience more enjoyable.