Low height grinder paired with La Marzocco SP3 AV

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Hydrans »

Hi all, first time poster. I have had the pleasant surprise of upgrading from a great first automatic Breville Touch machine which I have had for only 18 months, to a La Marzocco SP3 AV. The only issue with this is amazing gift is that I know need to buy a grinder. After researching grinders for 2 months, there are simply to many options. What I have decided is that I would like to get a grinder that is similar in height to the SP3 (under 400mm), rather than a grinder that takes the focus from the coffee machine. I believe that I would like to get 55mm+ rather than 50mm burrs, but I am not sure why, but it seems to be the "commercial grinders" seem to be 63mm or bigger. My typical coffee in take for the house is under 8 shots per day, but like wine it needs to taste great.

Finally whilst I love the Niche single dose, I know that I am too lazy to use it properly, so would prefer an automatic dosing machine, which is reasonably simple to clean.

Would love some advice on what to buy, and as importantly why it is a good machine?

My thoughts currently is the Mignon Libra as it is grind by weight, 55mm grind, low in height.