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Hi All, I started with Silvia, then to Anita, and now looking to upgrade. I love the QM Anita from Chris', and it works great and I can consistently pull very good shots. The requirements that I like are:

Dependability and reliability.
Ease of fixing myself. There is no one near me to do that and I really don't want to have it shipped somewhere for service and risk it getting damaged and I also do not want to pay a ton of cash for that either.

Temp stability for consistent shots with no temp surfing anymore

I definitely want a dual boiler with PID, quiet rotary pump and good steaming power. I do not drink much anymore, usually 2-4 on a weekend only, with occasional get togethers when I make more. Basically, I want something that is built to last and can make the best espresso and milk drinks that can be made.

I have been looking at QM Vetrano, La Marzocco Linea Mini and LM Micra, and possibly the LM G3. I have never used any LM machines, but folks say they are the absolute best. QM has been very good to me and the Anita has been great. What are some thoughts on these machines? The Micra looks OK, but the whole using the App and goofy portafilter turns me off. Open to any and all suggestions.


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I totally understand wanting the simplicity of not messing with flush routines and the comparative quiet of a rotary pump. From a pure performance standpoint, there are a lot of options out there that might meet your needs. I don't think that a couple cups a week are going to stress most of the options.

Any of the E61-based options are going to take 30-45 minutes to come up to temperature and stabilize. If that's OK for you, then there are also options like the Bianca/Synchronika/Profiltec Pro or even a Mara X at a more modest price. Chris' Coffee also shows the Sorella. I don't know much about it past that Chris and his team have been behind a lot of the great choices and changes made in the Quick Mill models brought into North America and have been exceptional to work with over the years for both new machines as well as parts and service. All the while with me out in California.

I've had a Micra here on loan and it is a machine that hits a lot of points spot on. It is ready to use in 6 minutes, 9 minutes if you're really picky about the last degree or so. I've gotten spoiled with warm-up time over the last couple years with machines that are ready in under 10 minutes. "I think I'll have an espresso" is no longer something you need to plan. The Micra is surprisingly forgiving. It is small, around a foot width and should fit under most counters. I don't mess with temperature much and the preinfusion setting is also something that I think is "set and forget" for most people. That mitigates the weak app, at least for me. I'm not a fan of the portafilter either, mainly because it doesn't sit flat on my tamping surface in its bottomless configuration. A Pesado was around $120 delivered to the US (I looked for the same reason). The steaming is great. My wife is going to kill me if I don't buy one.

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A good choice would be either an Izzo Alex Duetto IV or even better would be the LM GS3MP.

One thing to definitely stick with is - Chris' Coffee !
"You didn't buy an Espresso Machine - You bought a Chemistry Set!"

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Thanks for the comments. The quick warm up time would be nice. I may even wait to see if LM may make some changes, like adjustments without the app, and a regular PF. The comments I have seen are about that. I have time to wait until I am ready too as my Anita is a very good machine. Thanks so much.

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Thanks for the comments. I am actually looking into the GS3, but it seems there may be some issues with it for repair work. I do plan to buy from Chris and the customer service and support have been great. That is paramount to me.

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Chris Coffee has been very good to me as well.

I too had a QM Anita for some 11 years. When it was time, I went with a new QM 67. It has been fine for 3+ years now but I would never again get a vibe pump machine. Rotary is the way to go. I live about 2 1/2 hr drive south of Chris so I told them I would pick up the machine. Saving them shipping could give you a better deal and also let you survey their stock to make a choice. If you live close enough in PA then consider that option. Call them and see what they recommend and if shopping in their showroom could be an option.

Good luck. You have great options to choose among.

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Thanks, that is a good idea. I will consider that. The Rotary pump is a must for me now.