Looking to buy an espresso machine - budget $2000

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Hey folks,

I'm in the market to buy an espresso machine. I have been previously drinking coffee from a Moka Pot and am looking to upgrade. I'm putting all the relevant details below, and would appreciate any advice you all have about what would be a good espresso machine :) Thank you!

Budget: I'm hoping to stay under / around $2000 for the machine.

Grinder: I was able to get a Rocket Fausto grinder off facebook marketplace for rather cheap last week, and it has been working great!

Coffee: I've been drinking the montenero blend) from Caffe Luxxe.

Other notes: I have used the ECM Classika many times before and really enjoyed it. Looking for a machine that gives a similar experience :). I'm also okay with a long warm-up time, as I get up early and drink coffee throughout the day (like most people on this forum I expect)!

Some things I've considered:
- ECM Classika PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control: I enjoy the experience, just not sure it's the best option at the budget.
- Profitec Pro 600 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine: I'd be willing to pay a bit more if it was a improvement in the overall coffee.
- Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Honestly I really don't like the look of the machine at all. I am looking for something that makes good coffee and is an enjoyable ritual to have as part of my day ... I don't expect to have the latter with this machine. I've read it makes excellent coffee at its price though.

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Welcome to HB Jacob

If at all possible, I'd suggest stretching the budget for an Izzo Alex Duetto IV.

https://www.chriscoffee.com/products/iz ... -duetto-iv

Choosing an Espresso Machine Rationally
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Okay that machine looks great. The article linked below seems to imply that it'll last longer than other machines as well. I'm also comfortable doing some maintenance on the machine in the long-run.

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Any home machine will need routine maintenance. If you use "non-scaling water" you can avoid descaling for many years, which many now prefer. The work is comparable to changing washers in a faucet.

E61 machines generally take 30-45 minutes to be ready to use, no matter what the number on the display says. I think skipping new HX machines, with the exception of the Lelit Mara X is a good idea. An E61 gives you the option of a flow kit, which is interesting across roast levels, if you want to delve into it. A tight-coupled group like on the Profitec GO or one like the Breville "BDB" gives you espresso with half the warmup time or faster.