Looking to buy a bottomless portafilter with wooden handle

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#1: Post by aehernandez »

Does anyone have recommendations for any small businesses that make bottomless portaflters with wooden handles?

I have a Breville Dual Boiler, which I believe has a slightly out of spec portafilter: the locking nubs are a bit of a slightly different size.


#2: Post by Marmot »

Looks like the chinese had to jump in since breville refused to supply bottomless portafilters for most countries. Here is one on aliexpress but I guess you will find it on amazon as well. I have not tested it though.

https://m.aliexpress.com/item/100500183 ... 0e2d09bca9


#3: Post by luvmy40 »

Here's one on ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/listing/502661899/ ... 1348065945

Can't say I recommend it as I haven't seen it first hand, but there it is.


#4: Post by emradguy »

You could also contact username "cannonfodder". He does custom woodwork for espresso machines and accessories. See his thread in the marketplace section...

Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

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aehernandez (original poster)

#5: Post by aehernandez (original poster) »

Thanks everyone for the links!


#6: Post by _Ryan_ »

Pullman do Breville naked portafilters, see here:
https://shop.pullman.coffee/en/pullman- ... m-breville

They do wooden handles:
https://shop.pullman.coffee/en/pullman- ... ers/timber
Please ask if your machine is not in the list as we will custom fit.
Suspect you could combine the two even if not listed, they've been great to deal with in my experience and their tampers for example you can build any combo. The finish on the timbers is excellent.

Not sure if they do BDB but Pesado do some wooden.