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romaen wrote:Thanks guys for list of grinders!

Can someone create some kind of ranking, in regards to the grind quality, of the different grinders?

That's impossible as all of the grinders are great and have a superb grind quality but the difference is n the details. You should consider what you'll be usng it for and make the right choice accordingly. For dark roasts it's overkill to buy anything other than the Niche unless you have the money for a $3500 grinder. If you like very light roasts and want to do a lot of pourover than conical isn't the right choice so you should look more into flat burr grinders which start at around $2500 if you feel like playing the lottery and have years to wait (Monolith) or $3500 if you want one right away (EG-1, Titus EK43 etc).


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I use the Sette 270 (not W) in single dose mode by measuring 18gm beans in, and usually getting the same amount out to within less than 0.1 gm.

I keep small amounts of roasted beans in airtight containers and do not like to load up a hopper, thus exposing the beans to oxygen.

For outstanding espresso (not pourover, French press, etc)the Sette is hard to beat.


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I dont think there is but ek43/s has to be at the top(I am a biased owner) :P In a commercial setting I dont think the other grinders can stand a chance. but would love to get the chance to play with the ceado hero and eg1! :mrgreen: