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I'm currently using an EK43S which I love and single dose. However, I just moved into an apartment and it is a little too load in the morning. I'm looking for suggestions on a regular commercial grinder that is quiet and fast. I had both the Monolith MAX and MC4, excellent grinders, but sold both, too slow for me. I'm a little tired of single dosing and would like to take a break and use a regular grinder. I like Mahlkoening and looking at the E65s GBW.

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The Mythos One is pretty quiet. I haven't heard the new Malhkönig esprrsso grinders yet though.


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blondica73 wrote:I like Mahlkoening and looking at the E65s GBW.
I've been to three coffee shops that had E65 grinders and sort of remember the sound, but it's a bit hard to tell with everything going on. As I remember, it sounded a bit like a K30. If memory serves, it's not super loud, but I do remember it being distinct. If sound is a factor, maybe you can find a shop using one. Also, if someone here who owns an E65s wants to use the dB Meter app on an iPhone, I compared a bunch of grinders running with no beans and then with beans. Here are the results using an iPhone 12 a foot away.

(Noise running with no beans)
KafaTek MAX SLM: 30dB
KafaTek MC4 Duo: 40dB
Versalab M4: 25dB
Forté: 75dB
Niche: 48dB

(Noise while grinding)
KafaTek MAX SLM: 42dB
KafaTek MC4 Duo: 42dB
Versalab M4: 75dB
Forté: 80dB
Niche: 70dB

I did this for my own entertainment and it's useful for a relative sense, but take with a grain of salt. Also, dB is a bit different factor than pitch. You, as former MC4 and MAX owner, know they sound quite different (MC4 is a low growl) even though they measure about the same for dB while grinding.


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Perhaps the Eureka Atom 75? It has Eureka's Silent Technology thingy, like the top-end Mignons.

For reference, I've been using the Niche Zero for about a month, but recently dug up my old Mignon Silenzio to do some side-to-side comparisons. The Mignon is considerably quieter and, to my ears, pleasanter-sounding.

Granted, I have never heard the Atom in real life - perhaps others can advise.

blondica73 (original poster)

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I have an Atom 75 at my parents' farm and it is very quiet indeed; I just don't like the portafilter holder, feels very cheap and the portafilter does not sit well on those forks.


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blondica73 wrote:I have an Atom 75 at my parents' farm .
There's just something about that phrase I really like.


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I can also confirm that Atom 75 is a very quiet grinder. Moreover, it is very fast and the quality of grind is excellent.


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I highly recommend the Eureka Atom 75. I've had mine for about 8 months. It is VERY quiet AND fast (3.2 seconds to grind 18g. beans). Keep in mind the SPEED of the grind. If you have, for example a quiet grinder that takes 20 seconds vs a loud grinder that takes 5 seconds - you've got to consider what's the "worst evil".

Loud for a few seconds, vs quiet for more seconds. I think the Atom is both quiet & fast.

blondica73 (original poster)

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I ended up buying the E65s GBW, it is quiet and yet fairly quick, not as quick as my EK43s, but much quieter; my wife is very happy with the reduction in noise, I think it resembles the Atom 75 in terms of quietness.


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I would be interested to know if my memory is correct (it might not be) about the E65 sounding like a K30. Also, if you have an iPhone and feel like downloading the free dB Meter app, you could add the numbers to my list above. I don't know if all iPhones have a similar microphone, but I used an iPhone 12 and held it 12 inches in front of the grinder--centered. It may be too inaccurate for comparison, but interesting anyway.

I owned a Peak for about a year and always liked the sound it made while grinding. Sound matters to me--it's part of the aesthetic appeal. This is why my Forté BG brew grinder is going to get replaced this year. It's jarring and wakes anyone up who is sleeping. It's too bad because mine is beautifully aligned and solid for brew.

Enjoy the E65.