Looking for new espresso machine to replace Rocket Cellini

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by sacguy71 »

So after 7 years of fun espresso with my Rocket Cellini, the pump failed and while waiting for it to get repaired, I want to upgrade to a nicer machine and keep the Rocket as backup or sell it once repaired. What models would you recommend as an upgrade to the Rocket Cellini? I had a lot of issues with the Rocket Cellini and want reliability and quality shot making. Budget is to keep below 5k but can go above. I don't want to spend 10k plus on a new machine otherwise Slayer or some high end one would be nice.

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#2: Post by spiffdude »

Funny, I just had my Rocket blow up as well. Had several issues over the years with it. As a result, I've gone super simple: Profitec Pro 800. Dipper spring lever, fewer things to go wrong hopefully.
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sacguy71 (original poster)

#3: Post by sacguy71 (original poster) »

Yeah in seven years had the circuit board replaced and gaskets. Works great when not broken. But looking for a new and better machine while I get it repaired.


#4: Post by erik82 »

Every E61 won't be an upgrade so I think something like the list below:
1. LM Linea Mini
2. Dalla Corte Studio
3. Decent DE1
4. Londinium R24
5. Profitec Pro800
6. Strietman CT2 if you don't need to steam milk

sacguy71 (original poster)

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Thanks and I agree. Will save up. Also would be fun to try my hand at lever based espresso machine like the La Pavoni perhaps?
I also want to get a simple vietnamese pour over filter that is cheap and will buy this week to keep me caffeinated while the Rocket Cellini is being repaired. But yeah getting an end game high end espresso machine is dream of mine.


#6: Post by erik82 »

Pavoni is fun to play around with but without some mods it's a lot of fiddling around with temperature. It can make pretty good espresso if you nail it. Expect some mediocre build quality that will last a long time as it's so simple. And a soggy feeling in the lever. It's a fun toy for a while and can make espresso as tasty as with your Rocket. And it's fairly cheap.


#7: Post by JamesB517 »

A LM could work, maybe something from Decent if you want to get more technical.
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