Looking for grinder upgrade, Compak PK100 Lab seems interesting

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Agathorn »

I currently own a niche for espresso and Compak K3 Touch for pour over, aeropress etc. Looking for an upgrade and the Compak PK100 Lab seems interesting. However I think I need some guidance.

Will that grinder possibly produce a much improved cup when it comes to drip coffee/inverted aeropress? If I spend this much on a grinder I want to be able to taste the difference. I like bright and fruity coffees, lightly roasted.
If it also works great for espresso that is a nice bonus.

Im also considering grinders like monolith, lagom etc but those are hard to come by. The compak as a company will probably live on as long as I will and I can buy it here in sweden without import fees etc.
However I dont know that much about grinders and burrs so id like some input.
I drink 1 espresso in the morning on weekdays and some aeropress when working from home. During weekends mostly drip coffee from the moccamaster or V60 etc

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I have one on order, so I can't comment first hand, but the Bentwood Vertical was interesting enough for me to at least try out. (They're new to the 120 V market, but have been out a while in Europe.)


#3: Post by Ad-85 replying to Jeff »

Interested in hearing your thoughts and comparisons. A friend of mine has one paired with R91 and he's happy with it.
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