Looking for an espresso grinder, budget $500 to $600

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by nngnng »

I need some help here- I am looking for a new grinder within my budget range- $500 - $600. Is that possible ?

The machine i will be using for is a Expobar Office Lever and La Pavoni.

I am currently using the Rancilio Rocky but feel it's not good enough. Am I wrong ? or should I replace it with a better grinder.

What do you recommend ?


#2: Post by SandraF »

Buy a Eureka Specialita. They're around that price.

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#3: Post by daustin777 »

I have pre-ordered a DF64, I can't tell you how it performs, since I don't yet have one, but there are lots of reviews on youtube and a large thread in the grinder forum. Maybe this will fit your needs.
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#4: Post by megamixman »

It's hard to recommend a grinder other than the DF64 if single dosing is something you want to / are willing to do. In fact, I'm starting to get FOMO and am thinking of getting one just to try out the various burrs even though I have a Versalab.