Looking for my 1st scale for not much money

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I have a Ranchillio Silvia3 maker and just purchased the Fellow Opus grinder.
I also do pour over into a mug.

Now I need an inexpensive scale. The depth of the Ranchillio maker cup surface is only 5" deep.
The bottom of a mug is 3". I also have a Bodum pour over w/ 3' bottom.

The Miicoffee Nano scale looks nice to me for not too much money. A Timemore scale is mone than I'm going to spend.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BKR ... H5JY5&th=1

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yuaga/joe frex scale is awesome, tiny and robust

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I saw the picture and thought at that price with Bluetooth connectivity, go for it! Then realized it was just a size comparison. :mrgreen:
Those little scales are pretty good. On the one I got, similar to the one you linked, there's a barista mode that auto tares after you put your cup on and starts the timer after the first few drops of the shot.

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Ok, I ordered the MiiCoffee Nano scale.