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#1: Post by hpk11 »

We're looking at a prosumer machine, having owned a Breville, an Ascaso, both which were quite reliable. Any opinion regarding the ECM special edition offered by Clive's coffee? It does have good reviews, correct footprint (important), and about the right price. Other opinions welcome!



#2: Post by SandraF »

I bought my ECM Synchronika from Clive since I live in the area. I realize that it's not the exact ECM you referred to but thought I'd give you some encouragement.
I think that the fit & finish of the ECM machines are top notch, and using mine feels very solid. I enjoy the joysticks vs the round knobs to activate steam. The PID is nice because I can easily change the brew temperature based on what bean I'm brewing.

The ECM tamp that comes with the machine is nice & sturdy - good quality. On the machine you're considering it comes with the bottomless portafilter, which has helped me fine tune my grind & puck prep. I had to purchase my bottomless portafilter separately.

The Synchronika has a rotary pump which is very quiet. Not sure about the vibratory pump.
Good luck with your decision.

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hpk11 (original poster)
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#3: Post by hpk11 (original poster) »

Have you had yours long?



#4: Post by SandraF »

@hpk11 - I just bought my Synchronika along with my Atom 75 at the end of February. So not long.


#5: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

If you make milk-based drinks, you might find a SBDU like the ECM Classika a rude awakening. If you can't fix your Mara, you might want to consider a Breville Dual Boiler or Lelit Elizabeth.

hpk11 (original poster)
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#6: Post by hpk11 (original poster) »

TQ, @SandraF,@mycatsnameisbernie for the feedback.
Still working on the Mara, it's a bit difficult figuring out the parts diagram, and emailing 1st-line.
So thinking ahead...


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#7: Post by PeetsFan »

Clive says they're sold out of their Special Edition ECM machines, tho they have plenty of comparable HX machines.

I went through the same process as you, and chose a dual boiler machine. It cost about $1,000 more, unfortunately. I don't have personal experience with the HX-style machines, but you should ask Clive which have the best temp stability. What they told me is that you need to do a cooling flush before you pour and espresso shot, but that doesn't seem like a big deal to me.