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It's pretty clear what you both are saying to everyone else, so you can stop talking about it.

FWIW, I like to adjust temperature and pressure both. I find that the longer the pre-infusion (due to lower pressure or pauses in the pump/lever) the lower the temp you want.
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rolex (original poster)

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Wow! Just logged back in!

Lots of replies, I love it!

Let me start by saying thank you everyone for their comments so far!

Then will immediately follow with saying: wow, I'm still super confused! Or maybe unsure and curious are better words!

I must say I am a novice and have not experimented with changing settings debated in previous comments. On my current Lelit Mara PL62T I never even changed the temperatures much or any kind of infusion settings.. only things I change usually is grind settings and playing with extraction times and output weights.. but maybe as my knowledge and hobby progresses those things will become important?

I like how the concept behind the LR24 was said to be something you can just leave on all day so it's ready for you etc.. is that something all machines are good for though ?

Another poster said I should add another model to list of considerations too, so I can go look that up as well..

Kind of forgetting everything else I read, I'll go back and re read everything LOL

I suppose although I can accommodate any machine size, something that's not excessive would be nice, if not for my wife's sake lol.. Are any of the units smaller or similar to my current PL62T ? Or are machine sizes still pretty big since I last looked at them? Also I cannot plumb it in nor need to, we only consume a few drinks per day!

A big thanks to everyone who posted once again, this site has been so helpful and really makes learning a lot easier for me, I appreciate that!

I'll come back and follow up with better questions after re-reading things


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Not quite R24 sorry to hijack thread.
anyone here using Londinium Compressa?
-Trying to find their manual, what pressure range is required for the plumb in water?
-fitting is 3/8 standard 'push in to fit' fittings?
-Whats the deal with needing to 'turn off the water' when not in use to avoid wearing out the seals?

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You must ensure the mains water pressure at the espresso machine is at least 1.5 bar (22psi) and not more than 6 bar (87psi). If the pressure is greater than 6 bar (87kPa) a pressure reducing valve must be fitted on the supply line, otherwise a flood may result.

Plubming kit:
1 x two metre long stainless steel braided pressure hose with a 3/8"BSP elbow fitting on one end and a 3/8" straight fitting on the other
1 x 1/8"BSP female to 3/8"BSP male fitting to connect the pressure hose to the inlet solenoid
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In terms of opening R24. I had it for six months. To reconnect to Wifi, I had to open the side panel at least three times a month. I am not saying this will be your experience, it was mine. My wifi is top-of-the-line, never had any problem with the rest of the devices in the house. What would solve the problem is some access to the reset button from the outside.


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rolex wrote:Hi there.. researching my next machine and have it narrowed down I think to 4 choices..

The LR24, Nurri, and Evo Leva, and then the La Marzocco Linea Micra as a 4th option.. and my head is spinning.. falling into analysis paralysis and I'm just wondering if someone more educated than me could touch down on some differences between the 3 lever machines in question.

For a home user that typically only makes drinks twice or 3 times per day, what are some things I should be considering between these 3 units? If you happen to be familiar with all 3 machines, is there a clear ideal choice of the 3 I listed in your opinion?

I totally love the whole routine of creating my drink, much like everyone here I'm sure. From grinding to puck prep, even sometimes opting for manual grinding just because I feel like it, which is why I am so heavily skewed towards lever machines in 3 of my 4 choices and never wanted something like the Decent.. I have nobody using the machine that needs an automated experience and simply would not enjoy it as much. I still drive a manual car, too.

Even if I bought a La Marzocco which is definitely a holy grail type thing for me, I feel like I'm the kind of guy that would STILL not be happy until I had a lever machine to go with it :oops:

This hobby is deadly

Appreciate your expertise, cheers!
Has rhe OP bought a new machine yet?

As a nurri owner, I thought it would be good to add my two cents worth since not much has been said about nurri machines on this thread. As a completely biased observer :D , my opinion is that the nurri is the machine you are looking for and gives you manual hands on operation, coffee quality, complete temperature and pressure control, elegant workflow, versatility and great looks all in one package.

I used to own an izzo pompei and so I'm used to dipper traditional levers. The izzo gave great coffee and I was very happy with it. However as I used more light roasted coffees, i wanted to be able to raise and lower temperatures of the grouphead at will and since i would often use two differne troasts at the same time, i wanted thta ability to do so quickly. By taping a thermocouple to it, i could use the izzo to eventually raise and lower temperature by doing many flushes or cooling the groiphead with a wet towel etc but this was very cumbersome and difficult to control easily. It was also too much trouble

The nurri can immediately set any temp I want for grouphead, steam and brew boiler independently by the pid and I can monitor its actual temperature at any time through the pid. It will heat up from cold in 15 mins and reach the new temp in a matter of minutes.

I can modify on the fly the actual preinfusion pressure as the rotary pump can be manually controlled through a port in the back with a screwdriver. A retrofit is imminent whereby a control dial will be fitted to control the pump pressure level more easily. The pump can even be raised as its pressure level to be high enough to actually make espresso independently of the lever.

The nurri uniquely has two paddles that can vent the grouphead to end the shot and can operate yhe pump independently of the lever to flush the grouphead or make a blooming shot. There is also a shot timer.

The upshot is that I have found that it is much easier amd more consistent to make great tasting coffee with the nurri than it was with the izzo and it can hit higher heights in coffee quality.

In terms of size, it actually looks smaller than what it is because it is crouched on the counter top at an angle.

In terms of looks, this is subjective but I love how it looks and to me, it is the most handsome espresso machine I have ever seen bar none. At this price point, almost every other espresso machine looks like a rectangular white goods consumer appliance - stainless steel box dictated in its shape mostly by its function. But the nurri has a very strong and cohesive design language - the beautiful zebrawood or Walnut wings and the angle of the machine making it look like a bird of prey crouched on your counter top with its wings folded.

In terms of ease of use, it is intuitive and easy and a delight to use. I barely needed to read the manual before I was making coffee with it. I am not particularly technically minded at all so if I can do this anybody can. I get to just enjoy the coffee with the nurri.

In terms of feel when using, it is the total antithesis of the decent. Every control of the nurri is aimed at making it manual in every way. The paddles give u tactile feel to qhat u r doing. There are no touchscreens. There is just the pid and 3 buttons to switch on or off the machine, the steam boiler and the brew boiler. And the paddles and lever and the port controlling the pump. And that's it.

There's no need to download or use any app that can go obsolete, there is no need to have WiFi, there is no need to guess or treat it as an article of faith as to what the temperature is. There is no need to assume that the temp is somehow raised or lowered by changing preinfusion temperature because with the nurri, u can change the temperature entirely independently of preinfusion pressure level. You know that the temp is stable or not because the pid monitors it.
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