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runningonespresso47 wrote: I guess what concerns me most about the Bianca is understanding how the flow profiling works. I can't find many resources to explain how changes in profiles create different tastes (I wish I could get my hands on that Bella Barista users guide). Similarly, I understand dialing in a grind on a pump/lever espresso machine, but I'm confused where grind plays a role in a flow profiling machine. I know you can grind finer, but do you then to make small adjustments by taste do you just adjust the flow profile or alter grind? The basic adjustments by taste seem to be lost in all of the profiling variables.

Can anyone answer those questions for me or share some resources that may help figure that out?
You can find a lot of the answers to this on the Bianca thread: Lelit Bianca User Experience

Short answer, dialing in with the Bianca is way easier than with a non-profiling machine since you can adjust the shot on the fly. It takes me just one or two shots to dial in almost any coffee and the shots are drinkable. It will take you a few weeks to learn to profile, but after that you would not want to do without it, keep in mind that it can be used as a regular E61 too. I posted a video of a 72 second shot I made about a month ago, this should give you an idea of the flexibility:

72 Second Shot - Terres de Cafe Kenya Chania Estate Nature
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Thank you for this. I have a few questions if you don't mind my asking. To make sure I'm understanding you correctly, you are choosing the profile first and then dialing in the grind from there? If the grind is off at first (based on time I assume), you adjust the shot on the fly to make the drink drinkable then try the original profile again with a new grind?

Secondly, Do you find yourself returning to the same few types of profiles? If so, what do you lean towards?


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runningonespresso47 wrote:The page Frans has on optimal temp stability shows 12 back to back shots in 19 minutes and relatively small jumps in group temp.

Londinium I: Recommended protocol for best brew temperature stability

Point being, I think in a home environment the LR is more than capable for what I want it to do.
I also did some temperature profiling when I first got the machine, with similar results as Fran.. Was not aware of his post until now, thanks.

Londinium LR Temperature Study

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LObin wrote:Gibberish. Lots of people have posted scace temperature of the Londinium 1. Unless you have a stalled thermosiphon, the L1 group is very stable, even when pulling multiple shots in a row. Just check the 13 shots in 18 minutes test by HB member fransg...
Londinium I: 13 shots fast as I can
Far different from my experiences...
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My L1 stays on from 6 am to 10pm. I can walk up and pull without pre-flushing. I can pull multiple shots in a row. It's UBER stable. Just like the LR is. It's of the thermosiphon and the massive group.

It has nothing to do with the closed loop TS. At idle, the water cycles through the TS and inside the boiler through the HX. Closed loop or open loop, in a HX design, the water in the TS is too hot for espresso anyways. It's the contact with the massive group that acts as a heat sink that brings it down to temp.
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Londinium threads always seem to go this route. Please take a break from the direct insults and remember our guidelines.

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TomC wrote:Londinium threads always seem to go this route.
grin.. I wonder if its like the Apple vs Microsoft thing.. I've been very disappointed at the newer Profitec HX PID design.. I really wasn't prepared to have to invest in lab thermometry to see if my HX was working properly.. so I enjoy the LR discussion vs the non-lever designs; and the philosophy of "just walk up and pull" is very appealing to me.

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TomC wrote:Please take a break from the direct insults and remember our guidelines.
Thanks Tom, I edited out the personal critiques inconsistent with #1 of the Guidelines for productive online discussion ("Be respectful"). The thread is closed for awhile to assure contributors have a chance to review them.
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