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pcrussell50 wrote:For people in your shoes, plumbing can be done in very rudimentary and reversible ways. My plumbed machine is in a corner to the left of, and a few feet away from the kitchen sink. We have granite, or some kind of similar stone (don't know what it really is, it came with the house). I am using the existing hole in the granite counter where there was originally one of those soap dispensers that nobody uses, so no drilling. And I have run the feed line up through that hole and along the back edge of the sink, to the left, all the way to the machine. Fully reversible, incredibly easy. I do have to manually dump the drip tray. But it's arms reach from the sink. I just pull it out, reach right to the sink and dump it. Easy peasy.

No cuts drills or holes that weren't already there. A little uglier than running them underneath, but it you're getting ready for a remodel, then least harm.

This is exactly how I'm plumbing mine. Through an existing soap dispenser hole in the sink that we've never used. Did you get the non plumbed drip tray or did you figure out a way to plug the hole in the tray?

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one_good_coffee wrote:Well I'm actually surprised they don't publish this kind of data.

For reference, here is a company I'm used to : https://www.atlasfiltri.com/en/products.
And if you jump to a particular cartridge, you can download the full specifications of the product which shows exactly what kind of pressure drop you can expect based on the flow rate: https://www.atlasfiltri.com/sites/defau ... ces/TS.pdf.

Regular sediment filter cartdriges usually have very small pressure drop (<0.1ΔP) at typical household flow rate, except when you go for very fine filtration (<1µm). But carbon filter cartdriges have high pressure drop (>0.5ΔP).

Anyway your pressure regulator will tell you what you have and what you can play with. Keep us updated with the results.

Also, in the link you posted, they state that this cartdrige has a 5-year lifespan. This is a bit unheard of, typical filter cartdriges need to be changed every 3 to 6 months, even for the bacteriostatic ones. I would be very careful with this.
I finally got everything plumbed in. I still have 4.5 bar post the CuZn filter I referenced in this thread so the pressure drop across it was about 0.1-0.2 bar...basically negligible.

Now if only my Compressa would get released from LA and shipped up to PDX!

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I'm excited to hear how this machine turns out. My SO wants a linea mini, but I'm more interested in a spring lever and the compressa seems to fit the bill for me.


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nsuster wrote:I finally got everything plumbed in. I still have 4.5 bar post the CuZn filter
This is very impressive, did you check your water?

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You mean hardness? We have very soft water here so the filter will only help large particles as well as some lead and chlorine. The water tasted good. I tested the hardness without the filter and all I could measure was < than 1 grain which is less than 17 ppm. Our water report says between 8-10 ppm typically.


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I mean testing your water for hardness yes but also for quality. I think it's wise to do a safety check whenever you add a filter, just to be sure it is indeed removing hardness, but also not adding some nasty stuff.

You can get cheap tests that will give you the level of most contaminant (lead, nitrate, etc.).

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Good point. I have a water test sample our to the city right now to measure contaminants. Portland will measure lead for free. It just takes about 4-6 weeks.

So far the Compressa has been great. I had some issued with DHL and shipping but got that cleared up and the machine got here Friday. Only current issue is the NRV (non-return valve) is not functioning to I'm getting back pressure on my water line up to about 5 bar with the static pressure set at 3 bar. Reiss is sending me a new valve after trying to get it to seat properly a few times with no luck.

I love how quiet it is with no pump.