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#21: Post by mrgnomer »

pizzaman383 wrote:You should build your own lever!

You can pick your favorite lever group and build exactly the machine you want!
Now there is a deep rabbit hole.
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#22: Post by pizzaman383 » replying to mrgnomer »

Don't I know it!!
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#23: Post by drgary »

Here's Curtis's DIY lever in action!

DIY Commercial Group Manual Lever (now with videos)

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#24: Post by mrgnomer » replying to drgary »

Nice work, Curtis. Yet again a sweet song calls from a near by rabbit hole. I must turn away. The honey do jar must be emptied first.
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professionals do it for the pay, amateurs do it for the love

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#25: Post by mgrayson »

I've been getting used to the Robot. The more I use it, the less I want to add milk. When I do, the LM GS3 becomes my steamer :shock: .

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#26: Post by baristainzmking » replying to mgrayson »

That is one very expensive steamer!!!

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#27: Post by mgrayson » replying to baristainzmking »

But it's really good at steaming!


#28: Post by EspressYO_ »

bostonbuzz wrote:I have had a Strega for about 8 years. I PID'd the grouphead, installed a pump dimmer for pre-infusion, and a brew pressure gauge. I think it's a great machine with these additions. My curiosity wouldn't let me NOT do this to it.

These days, low pressure, different pre-infusion pressures, etc. are all the rage. The strega is aging very well.

You keep the pump low and pre-infuse at 3 bar, and then release the lever and the shot is much lower than 9 bars. You let the pump come to full pressure and when the lever releases you have a high pressure shot. You always have a declining pressure, but you can change the preinfusion pressure and starting lever pressure before the decline.
I'd love to hear more about the dimmer mod on the Strega! Shoot me a pm if you want

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#29: Post by bostonbuzz »

There are a few threads about it. But it's the same as any vibe pump dimmer mod.
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#30: Post by espressotime »

I've had quite a few levers but to me there are two machines that stand out tastewise.Ponte Vecchios and my latest the Lambro.
Here are two espresso's with my Lambro.
One pull,two nice ristrettos/espressos.

Soft tasting espresso.If no waterline is available my pick would be a Ponte Vecchio.
But you might not like it.These advices are pretty useless since not everybody has the same taste in espresso.