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#1: Post by harris »

After 15 plus years of using Elektra Semiautomatica and newly retired, I'm ready for a lever. I have a budget of around 10k including a new grinder. I'm not looking to fiddle around, had enough of that with the Elektra, just want a fun lever that allows me to experiment. Probably pull a half dozen shots in the morning and again at night. Looked at the Pro 800, I like the tank and ability to plumb if desired anything else out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


#2: Post by John49 »

A manual lever allows for the ultimate in experimentation, for espresso only look at the Strietman CT2.

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#3: Post by cyclezib »

You have not mentioned your preference for beans, i.e., light roast, medium, or dark. That may influence the equipment to consider. If you lean to light roast, the Londinium's approach to temperature could be useful. This may also influence which grinder to consider (single dose, large burr flat). But if your tastes are oriented to traditional dark espresso, then it would be hard to go wrong. You may not notice much difference between a high end flat ginder and a high end conical. Counter space is another factor with the Profitec 800 being on the large end of the spectrum and Cremina SP on the small end. Whether you want to go full manual or spring loaded is another criteria.

harris (original poster)
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#4: Post by harris (original poster) »

Thanks for the speedy replies, love the looks of the Strietman CT2, what grinder would you pair with it?

I like beans from first crack to beans just barely into second, very little oil if any on beans. Countertop space not an issue and no cabinets to worry about. As far as grinder, I prefer a single dose, the Semiautomatica was fussy and I tried several grinders to make it happy, Orphan Espresso's original hand grinder worked best but it was work.

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#5: Post by baldheadracing »

Funny, I'm on a bit of a break from my levers and have been using my Semiautomatica for daily morning coffee for the past few weeks. It's so easy to pull singles on the Elektra (relative to other pump machines that I have used).

Lots of choices when it comes to levers, but there has been nothing new available in North America since the Londinium Compressa and Lapera DS came out a year or so ago. I'm sure that you'll read plenty of diverging opinions from the past year/last week :D.

Good luck!

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#6: Post by baristainzmking »

With your budget, I would look at either Londinium R24 or Basco Sorrento Single group and a Monolith or Ulra or Langom 100.

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#7: Post by LBIespresso »

Talking my book here but a Kafatek Max and a Strietman make it almost foolproof easy to pull great shots. I think they look great on the counter as well.

6 shots in a row? Maybe milk drinks too? A spring lever might be better. If I ever went that route I would have trouble deciding between a Bosco and the LR24.

Could I be convinced to go with a classic older machine? Many are beautiful but I just don't know.

Did that help? :lol:
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#8: Post by Jeff »

Grinders I'd consider at the 10k level

Ditting 807 Lab Sweet
Kafatek Flat Max
Any of a slew of conicals

I probably missed one or two, here before my coffee

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#9: Post by mdmvrockford »

You mentioned $10K budget.

Streitman for manual lever. Since you are in IL (near sea level) then open boiler of Streitman will not be issue. If need to make multiple drinks for guests then Londinium or Profitec 800 (both are spring lever).

Grinder for single dosing:
(a) Conical burr: Monolith Conical V3 or V4 AND
(b) Flat burr: Monolith Flat Max with Shuriken or EG1

If you want to see in manual lever is for you, and not want to dive deep financially then start off with Cafelat Robot barista. You can sell the Robot for same to little less than your purchase price.
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#10: Post by Ad-85 »

I have a CT2 and love it but it's not practical for half a dozen shots in a row and you might want to steam milk. Izzo Alex Leva/monolith conical combo is probably your best bet (both reliable and you don't need much puck prep like flat grinders).
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