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I am recently hooked with lever machine. After carefully researching, Londinium shot is what I am looking for. I like medium roast. 1 latte and 1 espresso only Mon-Fri, 2 latte and 1 espresso Sat. Sun.

This is what I use:


Current machine:

Here are most lever machines between $2K-$5K:
Bezzera Strega Lever
Izzo Alex Leva
Profitec Pro 800
Londinium R24
Cremina SL
Izzo Pompei
ACS Vesuvius Lever
La San Marco Leva 20/20
Nurri L Type Leva
Quick Mill Achille

I don't get Cremina SL and Izzo Pompei. Why are they so hyped?
Izzo Alex Leva and La San Marco Leva 20/20 are direct plumb only, so hard pass.

There are 2 tiers for the rest of machines:
ACS Vesuvius v.s. Nurri L Type Leva v.s. Londinium R24
ACS Vesuvius and Nurri L Type Leva have PID, Preinfusion pressure adjustment, double boiler. Seams that ACS Vesuvius Lever is a little noisier, but I am don't think additional $800 is justified for a Nurri L Type Leva.
Londinium R24 is just awesome, but from paper, I am not sure it is necessarily better than the other 2.
Can I get some advise on this?

Bezzera Strega Lever v.s. Profitec Pro 800 v.s. Quick Mill Achille
I think between Bezzera Strega Lever and Quick Mill Achille, Achille is probably better with the rotary pump. Profitec Pro 800 will give us a PID for $250 more.
I see people love their Cremina and Izzo Alex Leva even if they don't have PID. Is PID really necessary here?

Any input is appreciated!

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I don't think the Pompei is hyped I had one for 10 years.If you' ve got enough counterspace I can recommend it.

macaber8 (original poster)

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I found this in one of the online store that offers this machine:
The Izzo Pompei is a hard to find machine that is only available for limited time periods when machines are available. Machines go very quickly when they are available.
It is on special order and I think original price is around $3.6k now it is $4.3K.
I thought the price increase is due to popularity. And, indeed, there is not much source to get this machine.


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Are you the sort of person who will do their own maintenance, change seals, lubricate pistons etc?
If not I recommend buying something that has good local support in your area.
All of the machines you mention will be fairly stable at your use level(one or two drinks at a time).
If you want to play around with temperature profiles then the Nurri or the Evo would be optimal.
I am currently tossing up between an Evo and an ACS Vostok(very big).

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Maintenance is not a big deal but in my area I only find retail for Rocket machines, which is disappointing.

Where do you buy the Vostok?


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I'd say a machine with a La San Marco group is much more worth considering than a Astoria/Bosco/etc group. Much much better engineered, less seals to replace, easier to work on.


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Same as the ACS EVO you need to email direct.
Try Maria.
sales@mevsrl.net <sales@mevsrl.net>;


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If you don't need milk, strietman is hard to beat in my opinion...

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I am struggling understanding machines like Strietman CT2 or Cremina. Yes, they are built better than Flair 58 and Cafelat Robot Barista or Ponte Vecchio LUSSO. The functions are essentially the same. For some one who is cost sensitive like myself, at higher price, I'd rather get machines with more functions, such as Profitec Pro 800 and Quick Mill Achille.

Would you mind elaborate on what is your love for the Strietman machine?


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I believe one may want to look at features such as temp stability, worlflow and ease of use when evaluating a machine. CT1//2 checks all these boxes.

Not undermining the ones you are mentionning, just trying to helpyou look at a broader range of machines.