Lelit Victoria PL91T - The right choice?

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We have been considering buying an espresso machine for several months and living in NYC during the pandemic has only reinforced our need and desire to produce good quality coffee independently. This will be our first espresso machine and we need to remain cost conscious in our quest to produce the best possible espresso on a budget set at around $1800. My wife drinks cappuccino and latte while I enjoy espresso machiato, americano and the occasional cappuccino on weekends. A DB machine would be ideal, but is out of our budget. I am aware of the BDB, but haven't been able to locate a good quality 2nd hand machine and the our crave for good quality coffee is making us antsy. For this reason, we settled on the below combo which seems to check all of our boxes.

It is our hope that the Eureka grinder will carry us through our next round of upgrade for a DB espresso machine and minimize subsequent upgrades. We considered the usual alternatives such as the Gaggia, Rancilio silvia and ECM casa V, but the Lelit victoria w/ PID, shot timer, Pre-infusion capabilities and pressure gauge seemed like the better option. We also considered cheaper machine such as the Lelit Anna, but the 57 mm portafilter size was a deal breaker for us.

Current combo set:

Lelit Victoria PL91T (~$1000)
Eureka Mignon Specialita (used for $500)
Accessories: Tamper, Bottomless PF and scale.

With a SBDU, my main concerns are with the ability to steam milk for two people occasionally. Would the 0.3L boiler be sufficient to steam enough milk for two cappuccino? Would this combo allow for growth in espresso making over the next 5 years or so? I am also interested in reliability, easy of finding spare parts and resale value. Has anyone had experience with Lelit in this regard? Finally any additional pairing or suggestions we should consider before pulling the trigger?

Our aim is to minimize upgrades while enjoying good quality coffee until we can afford our ideal DB machine.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions,


ragdoll serenade

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That seems like a nice combination to me. I have an Anna and I can steam enough milk for 2 cappuccinos even with the smaller boiler. If you want to save a few bucks you could look at the Glenda as well. It has a 58 group and PID but no pressure gauge or pre-infusion.