Lelit Elizabeth upgrade after Gaggia Classic?

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Hello,for 8 years, i have the gaggia classic 2014 with pid and 9bar combined with ascaso mini i2.
The coffees i drink are 2 cappuccino per day at winter and 2 freddo espresso an summer.
I buy commercial blends like jacobs 100% arabica professional and buondi craft prestige 100% arabica.

-I am thinking to upgrade to lelit elizabeth pl92t with G-iota gen2 grinder.
I have read all pages from "elizabeth owner experience" thread and find it very good machine.
My questions are:

1) Will i see any real diference in taste, or should i stay with gaggia classic and ascaso grinder?

2) What about stationary water in tank and boilers? Are there any problem to health.
With Gaggia classic, i completly empty the water tank every 2 days, then flushing 100ml from boiler, and having fresh water in my cup.
The water i use is from "dulton water filter" and in my coffe machine i have resin water filter atached to water tube.

3) With Lelit, if i don't use the machine for 2-3 days, should i empty the water tank and flush the boilers completly, or make coffee without any problem?

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I've moved from a 9 bar pid Gaggia to a La Spaziale Vivaldi. I can't say the coffee is hugely different, and I think you'd have similar results moving to an Elizabeth. A modded Gaggia is very capable. unless you are into pressure or temperature profiling, all the machine does is heat water and pump it. A modded Gaggia can do that very well. The benefit of the Elizabeth would be double boiler, imo. I have my La Spaz because we have 3 coffee drinkers and I'm the only one who remembers to fill the tank, so it had to be plumbed.

I can't answer your questions about water in the tank other than to say I wouldn't worry about.

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Thanks for your answer.
I hope other users give me a feedback also.
Maybe then, i will only upgrade the grinder and see if there is any better taste.

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I drink Cappuccinos also and steam a large mug of milk every morning for my wife's Chai with my Elizabeth. I've had the machine for about three years with nary a hiccup. It has very versatile settings and produces a consistently great cup of coffee. I keep the coffee maker's settings consistent and adjust only the grind settings on the Niche Zero grinder to offset changes in beans or bean age. I am always looking for an excuse to upgrade, but so far no luck. It's just too easy.

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I recently pulled out my gaggia classic from storage in my garage, and started using it again.

So I went the other way, but from an expobar HX machine back to a classic.

The classic has some advantages over my HX, shorter warmup time, so I turn it on about 30 mins before I use it. For the HX I allowed an hour. There were times when I wanted to pull a shot, but the HX wasn't warmed up yet.
The classic also needs no cooling flush, so the process to pull a shot is simpler.

I lost the ability to steam at the same time I pull the shot, but I hardly make milk based drinks these day. Also my HX machine makes better steam, more powerful.

Looking at the Elizabeth, seems like it doesn't have the problems my HX machine has. Short warmup time, and no flushing since its a DB.

I would only question if its worth the money, seems like a lot of money for your usage.

For the upgrade, I'd upgrade the grinder first, like you just said, and see how that goes.
You may get more comments on the grinder if you start a new thread just for that. Not sure if a gen2 grinder is best for your coffee type, which says med to med dark for one of the beans.

Good luck

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Thanks again for the feedback!!!

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Steaming milk on an espresso machine to make chai? Would you be so kind as to share your recipe?

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I've been very happy with my Lelit Elizabeth going on 2 years. I use it daily. As far as the water reservoir, I always keep it filled, and just refill as needed. Once every 4-8 weeks or so I pull it out and give it a quick wash. I've never noticed any bacterial growth to speak of.

Attaching the replacement water softener filters can be a bit finicky, but not a problem after reading the discussions on how to do it.