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Denisse1617 wrote:My husband wants the decent but I'm more frugal than him and I keep telling him so so much more $$ than the Breville. Do you feel that the value is there?
It's over twice the price if we add shipping. My husband likes all the tech stuff but I don't care as much lol
It's really hard isn't it?! I love my DE1, and don't think there's a better machine out there for me. My wife and I are the same regarding tech stuff! I enjoy really dialling in and tweaking a coffee, and when I'm done my wife is able to just walk up and press a button to pull a shot without needing to think about it. We both love the fact it can be as simple or as complicated a machine as you want it to be.

It is a silly amount to spend on a coffee machine, but I justified it by the fact I drink 3-4 coffees a day and wanted to be able to have a machine that can get the best out of any roast from light to dark, and give me visual feedback to help me dial in a shot as best as I possibly can.

Decent actually have an upcoming 'Dialling in with Decent' YouTube live thing in a few weeks which might be useful to watch so you can see how it works?

Let me know what you end up with, there are no bad choices!


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Amberale wrote: The Bianca is a much better build quality than the Breville to the extent that Breville have just bought out Lelit to try and improve their reputation.
Don't take my word for it do a bit more digging around.
The Breville is a very capable consumer machine, the Bianca is a very capable prosumer machine.
100% agree with this.

Denisse1617 (original poster)

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I just found this comment after going through my posts. I ended up returning the Breville and buying the bianca. I used it today for the first time but it's definitely a stepper learning curve especially because I don't know much about pressure profiling yet which is biancas main feature. Do you use the Paddle and go full manual or use the automated setting on the LCC?
I don't know what to set them too especially the "low flow start and final and the temp set off.


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Get proficient at normal espresso before messing with flow profiling. I would not recommend using the paddle until you are confident in your normal shots and want to expand out.


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It's really easy to do flow profiling with an Acai Luna scale and app. One thing I dislike about the Breville profiling is that it wastes a lot of water since it's overall flow rate stays constant while you decide how much to send to your coffee and the rest is waste.
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