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Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.

Postby DaveC » Nov 22, 2018, 3:30 pm

Agathorn wrote:I know the smart choice would be the Bianca but I also like the Rocket. Do you consider the flow profiling to be better or equal on the Bianca then to the R nine one? On paper...R nine one has pressure profiling and perhaps a less direct/responsive impact on the shot when adjusting compared to the Bianca? A purchase like this has to feal good as well as make sense. But if the Rocket R Nine One is clearly inferior to the Bianca I guess I'll go with the Bianca in the end.

You must have read my review? The Rocket I have not reviewed, but I have a pretty good idea how they are constructed and it's expensive. The Lelit is quiet, really really quiet. It gives you total control and the range and types of shots you can do are extensive. It has the ability to do bloom pauses and it's great fun to use. The only thing it doesn't have is computer repeatability as a machine like the Vesuvius does and I believe the Rocket.

For a lot less money it's capable of producing great shots and probably some shots the Rocket and Vesuvius cannot do! It all depends what you want. If you like the look of the Rocket (I think it's a fairly ugly and rather large square box) and you don't care about the money go for it. If your concerned about getting great coffee...I think you would be very happy with a Bianca and you're right, it would be the smart choice. I added the Bianca to my collection of machines because I rather liked it. I have now 2 pressure profilers and 2 straight Dual boilers. If I really believed everything that's puched I would have no trouble selling a few of my machines and getting a (hushed tones) La Marzocco, Slayer or Rocket R91 whatever...but I haven't. I drink like 6-10 doubles a day and I still don't think about it. I see people with these machines who drink perhaps 6 shots a week...madness and is the coffee superior, well not when I've tried them.

Of course the Bianca it won't impress on the forums in the same way, but that's not why we buy machines is it....


Postby Agathorn » Nov 22, 2018, 3:57 pm

Thanks Dave, yes I've read your review.
I just wanted your expert opinion n regarding the flow profiling vs pressure in the R nine one. I guess it's better/more flexible on the Bianca then. It will be easier getting the Bianca knowing it's the more versatile of the two if you say so.
The one thing, apart from appearance and saturated brew group, I'd wish the Bianca had is the option to save a manual profile. Don't know how much it's worth when I only drink 1-3 espressos a day though.

Espresso for me is the whole experience. I remember when switching from a vibe pump to a rotary one. The sound was so smooth and gave a real quality feeling about the whole machine. Probable doesnt make a difference in the cup though. But I don't want to get a machine with a vibe pump again. I don't care what other think about my espresdo machine. But it's important that I feel good about it.
And if the Bianca is that much better then the R nine one then I hope I will be satisfied with it


Postby DaveC » replying to Agathorn » Nov 22, 2018, 4:43 pm

For 1-3 spros a day, the manual stuff is fun and quite repeatable...just a tad more effort.

It's not whether one machine is better than another so much as is one machine better for you.....There are people who would need to have a R Nine One, and others who don't need to have one. certainly parts will be cheaper on the Lelit and there is a lot less to go wrong. In the same way there are some people who need a Rolex, when arguably a Casio would be more accurate and probably last longer without needing repair....don't ask me how I know. My daily driver is a Casio now though.


Postby myso » Nov 22, 2018, 6:40 pm

Agathorn wrote:...
The one thing, apart from appearance and saturated brew group, I'd wish the Bianca had is the option to save a manual profile. Don't know how much it's worth when I only drink 1-3 espressos a day though.

Hi with bianca you don't get automated pressure profiling but there's these expensive toy(s): https://www.naked-portafilter.com/smart ... -profiler/


Postby Agathorn » Nov 23, 2018, 9:52 am

Just ordered the Bianca. Will be getting it mid December hopefully!

I'll see what I'll do with my broken down Izzo Alex Duetto. Perhaps selling it for a steal to someone who is more handy then me. To bad I can't really see where the leak is. Dripping from the big service boiler but can't see the origin of the leak. It's one crammed machine on the inside, that's for sure!


Postby Agathorn » Nov 23, 2018, 10:37 am

myso wrote:Hi with bianca you don't get automated pressure profiling but there's these expensive toy(s): https://www.naked-portafilter.com/smart ... -profiler/

Cool but it seems like more of a logging tool to me.


Postby ShelbiRyan » Nov 24, 2018, 1:16 am

The R Nine One is now sitting on my counter, I've only had a couple days with it. The honeymoon faze ended about 10 seconds after I unloaded it, I don't usually get over indulged or fanatical about particular brands or machines. But I do get interested in machine performance and quality.

I have no doubt the Bianca can create as good or even better shots then the R Nine One. I have chosen to go with the Rocket for a few other reasons. I don't know if I will like the machine, love the machine or maybe even send it back. Time will tell. I'm sure it won't be my last machine. But for now the exploring has started with pressure profiling.


Postby Livin » replying to ShelbiRyan » Jan 12, 2019, 10:45 am

Any feedback after using it for a month now?


Postby Agathorn » Jan 13, 2019, 2:48 am

The machine is really good in several ways!
Due to the relatively low price I thought it was going to feel cheaper but the materials and finish etc is really good!
I really enjoy being able to adjust the flow on the fly as well. It's a nice way to experiment! It's not any harder to get a good shot of espresso then on a regular E61 and still you can grind finer with a long preinfusion if you want to.

I think the machine is a bargain and I'm happy I choose this one over the Rocket R. I get really good shots from it!


Postby Henry » Jan 14, 2019, 12:20 am


I find myself in an identical (Sort of) situation. My Alex Duetto II was just serviced and is in excellent condition after a PID replacement and all the rubber changed. But I find myself wanting more. Upgrade-itus? But I'd like to mess with pressure profiling, and must admit I'm a geek at heart and like the idea of a touch screen. It's 2019 afterall and touchscreens are robust.

This is for personal home use, not plumbed (yet), 4-5 shots a day, plus 2x that many weekends. I just upgraded to a Ceado E37S grinder....

So I'm looking at:

1- lelit Bianca - at low cost, offers manual profiling, a pre infusion " preset" which I'd probably not use,and should allow me to create the following profiles easily enough, but perhaps not digitally repeatable... nice portafilter....

2- Andreja Premium Profiles by Quick Mill - programmable, a bit more expensive, and no manual paddles

3- Vesuvius —- yet more expensive but mostly all stainless internals - again no paddle for manual operation

4- Rocket R Nine One - an overall dream? Best of both worlds, but $$$$

Important to me are:

1- ability to use a smart timer on good surge suppressor .. aka, a latching mains power switch
2- easily drainable tanks in case a rescaling is needed ( I use good filtered water, but life happens...)
3- a quiet operating pump
4- overall machine quality and longevity
6-good milk steaming, but generally ny a coupe milk drinks a week and smal 12 oz pitchers. I currently love the 4 hole Alex Duetto tip.... fast yet controllable
7- inclusion of great portafilter.. 1, 2, and naked...
8- tall enough cup clearance to pur a cap directly int a normal American mug
9- easy to add water to the reservoir with an easy enough to remove/clean reservoir. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the external tank from a looks perspective, but I guess it keeps the water from heating too much and has the easy to fill element.
10- unique pid settings for each boiler...???
11- probably mutually exclusive to #8, but a good size drip tray
12- ability to possibly plumb in in the future ( need t get ff my a$$ and just finally do this... hassle running ones through a wall then through a tile backsplash)
13- last, but not least, vaue... cost-performance "sweet spot". I'm willing to stretch some to get top of the line, but no need to over do things either. I just want great espresso, a good point appliance, and a machine for the next 15 years!

I feel like I'd probably use the following profiles most, but will definitely experiment and open to the walk of possibilities:
A. 5-20 sec pre-infusion at 2 Bar, 20 seconds run at 9 bar and stop
B. 5-20 sec pre-infusion at 2 Bar, 10-15 seconds run at 9 bar and lower the pressure to 3 or so gradually or via some program steps.
C. Whatever the mad scientist in me fees like!

So, what are everyone's thoughts?