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#11: Post by myso »

I would say, consider Bianca and find the best grinder that you can afford with the budget left.
When you are settled on the grinder see how much Synchronika (with bianca flow profiling kit or profitec flow control kit with lelit's pre-infusion springs) would stretch your budget. And then you can decide if you want to get the other machine even if it means you need to go over budget.

For example:
Lelit bianca is 2795$
Eureka Atom Specialty 75E with blow-up hopper for 1055$ (including shipping from Europe assuming you don't need to pay customs fees): 3850$ in total.

The other way would be 3199$ for ECM Synchronika with flow control than 1055$ for the grinder: 4254$ in total.


#12: Post by Idlehands775 »

Okay... I pulled the trigger on the ECM Synchronika this morning with the Eureka Mingon Specialita, a bottomless portafilter, Lunar scale and Saint Anthony distribution tool. Clive is pretty awesome to work with and I'm sure this will be a massive upgrade over my La Pavoni Stardavari pro and Rocky grinder.

I came to the decision because of the simplicity and bulletproof nature of the ECM. Additionally, I am of the opinion that ECM will have to make a competitive profiling device available widely sooner than later and I'm betting it will be available as a kit and more perfected than the current profitech available through select distributors right now.

The lelit is a gorgeous and capable machine, but I am a sucker for German built machines, (which is ironic because my grandparents were born in Italy) and the ECM screams 60's era Mercedes formula 1 car... Also, I'm not sure that my wife any I are ready for profiling just yet.

Thank you to everyone who wrote on this page. I will tell you about the ECM after I use it for a bit. Cheers!!!!

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#13: Post by slybarman »

Profitec and ECM are one and the same I believe. I doubt you will see two different profiling kits.

You have a great set up on the way and should see many years of caffeinated bliss.


#14: Post by Idlehands775 »

I figured there might be an ECM branded kit that might be the same as the profitech but with styling to better match the Synch. Either way. Perfected. Thank you for the kind words.

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#15: Post by Nunas »

I figured there might be an ECM branded kit that might be the same as the profitech but with styling to better match the Synch.
As far as I know, you are correct in your figuring. I'm fairly sure there are already two kits, one for the ECM and one for the Profitech. Functionally they are the same, the difference is in the cosmetics of the pressure gauge. I bought the ECM kit for my Synchronika and have used it quite a bit.

However, you can achieve similar results with any e61 DB machine through careful manipulation of the lever. For example, sometimes instead of using the flow control I lift the lever until the pressure on the gauge (the one added with the kit) rises to about 6-barr. Without the gauge you could just lift for a few seconds. Then I return the lever to the middle position. Over a few more seconds the water displaces the air in the puck; I can see the gauge dropping. Eventually, due to the lower pressure and the grounds swelling, the pressure stops dropping. If you wait long enough a few drops of coffee will come out after 20-30 seconds or so. When this happens I raise the lever and pull the shot. Likewise, towards the end of the shot I sometimes drop the lever to the middle position early and let the pressure/flow drop off, closing the lever when I've go the proper weight of espresso in the cup (kind of like a spring lever machine would do). It's bags of fun and although having the gauge adds an air or repeatability, you can do this without getting the kit. Frankly, the best part of the kit isn't the profiling lever, it's the gauge :lol:

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I think going to Portland and trying both machines out is a great plan. Once you get your hands on both machines and see them in real life, your decision will become easier. You are lucky to be able to do that. Many of us don't have that opportunity.


#17: Post by Idlehands775 » replying to baristainzmking »

I do feel especially fortunate as my job generally affords me a fair amount of time off despite the potential for being on duty for two weeks at a time during the summer.

For those of you that wish to know, the Synchronika is so well made it is frightening. Everything fits together perfect and the planning that went in to the placement of components is outstanding. The chassis are remarkably strong and everything, even down to the gauge of stainless used is impressive. The shots it pulls are wonderful and consistent so far.

I also like the mignon quit a bit so far. If left nice and dirty single dosing is a breeze, since you get out almost exactly what you put in. It is also very quiet.

Although I cannot speak to the longevity of either machine or grinder at this point, I am impressed with both. The only thing I'm not yet in love with is the joystick activated valves. This is more of a comfort thing though and I'm sure it will change one I become more used to them.

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Congratulations on your new setup. You need to post pictures! Did you get Synchronica with the profiling kit?


#19: Post by Idlehands775 » replying to baristainzmking »

Thanks Julia!!! I did not end up getting the profiler. Apparently it is only available through one distributor for the first year of release (Whole Latte Love). Then, it will likely be available more broadly. I am hoping to master the E61 over the next six months or so and then maybe delve into profiling when the kit becomes more widely available and perfected. I do still have the Pavoni Stradivari if I want to profile a shot. Clive Coffee was wonderful to deal with though!

Pictures to follow!