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Drift wrote:Just to make sure you're aware, the Bianca doesn't really have automatic pre-infusion. It turns the pump on at full pressure for a bit, then turns it off to let the water penetrate the puck. I don't really consider this preinfusion. It won't evenly distribute water through the puck, and it might even damage it due to the high pressure used.
Forgive my late appearance in this discussion but I don't see much difference here but I'm a newbie so go easy on me. If you run the pump only briefly aren't you really just pressurizing the puck to whatever pressure you'd like based on the pressure reading at the gauge on the brewhead, then holding that pressure as the water slowly penetrates the puck, before turning the pump back on? Couldn't you preinfuse a "favorite way" preserving the number of seconds on and the number of second off prior to the start of the extraction, then when the pump comes back on continue with the shot profiling in whatever manner you'd like via the paddle?

ALSO, earlier it was said that this "version" of preinfusion is independent of the position the needle valve is at but in the same statement it was said the needle valve will (rather obviously) restrict the flow based on where the paddle is. Which is it? I see the argument regarding why you might just disable the automatic preinfusion and accomplish the same thing with the flow control paddle if you're going to be using flow control for the rest of the shot. But it would also seem that the "pump" coming on at full bore doesn't have to damage the puck as it was suggested because you could take that into consideration with the flow control setting, i.e. with the flow control paddle set to a moderate level the flow control would limit the pressure at the puck regardless of how long the pump is running. Again, go easy on me, newbie here. Thanks.