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I don't want to sound too negative but why do you need to travel with an espresso machine? Unless you're camping isn't the whole idea of travelling to discover places, cafes, restaurants etc. and enjoy your time out?
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#12: Post by mrgnomer »

Not too many cafes make the quality of coffee and espresso I got used to. Travelling where there's nothing but drive through coffee can be tough.

There was a movie I can't remember the title or details of but there was a group of Frenchmen on a covert mission in America and they had a horrendous time finding palatable coffee. They blah'd out just about every tray of coffee they tried.

Coffee and espresso has improved over the years but not everywhere. Only way to ensure quality depending on where you go is to take it with you.
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jackson6 wrote:I love this setup. What case are you using?
Eylar 20" camera case. I'm sure there are other solutions that would fit it as well.


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Clodius wrote:I don't want to sound too negative but why do you need to travel with an espresso machine? Unless you're camping isn't the whole idea of travelling to discover places, cafes, restaurants etc. and enjoy your time out?
My wife in particular wants to sit with her morning coffee as soon as she gets out of bed. In the past I have gotten up and hoofed it to a local cafe to get us something but to be honest, I like my own coffee. I don't travel with the purpose of visiting cafes for the morning coffee.

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#15: Post by katkat »

I absolutely understand the need... I also wanted a travel setup to take with me on road trips/to airbnbs. Waking up and having a great cappuccino on a ski or beach or road trip is a serious upgrade.

The first setup was a used Elektra MCAL I bought from a member and even built a custom case for it. It worked really well, although it is not the most compact machine. In fact, it is such an awesome machine and I love it so much that I decided I didn't want to risk damaging it while traveling. Another issue with the MCAL is that its boiler is exposed and very hot, so it's tricky to pack when you leave shortly after you make your last vacation cappuccino. So... the second iteration is a Ponte Vecchio Export. It is another great lever machine and a GREAT steamer like the MCAL. It is more compact and its boiler is enclosed and it fits a carryon very well + coffee beans, tamper, milk pitcher, 4 cups and more.

I bought it for $500. Best deal ever if you are close by to the shop (as they won't ship). Brand new, sealed in a box, since 1st in line is discontinuing selling it: ... -open-box/

I still use my Sette as my travel grinder and take it in a separate box. It's not the most compact, so I am also considering the Lagom Mini (the issue that I am seeing with the Mini is that it's very slow and that I will need to carry a scale.) The Sette is a great grinder but it might be too delicate and not reliable enough for travel. (At this point I am not considering a hand grinder - looks like too much work to me.)


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A bit of a rant.

Sorry guys, but this is no longer a need, but a serious addiction. This is the time to look at it closely and see how shallow and self entitled it looks. Do you also take your chefs because the restaurants aren't up to your standards? Do you also ship your car because the rental one is not as good as yours? What's the point of even travelling if you're unwilling to experience the local cafes, restaurants etc.? Just watch an YouTube video while sipping your perfectly balanced home brewed espresso.
Stop letting such a minute issue run your life. You can survive without coffee for a day or two. If you can't, what's the difference from an alcoholic or a drug addict?
I like the coffee community because of the shared information and the willingness to share and teach, but this topic is taking it too far. It makes me want to quit social media coffee oriented groups and forums.


#17: Post by espressoren replying to Clodius »

It's a point of view, and I think you misunderstand. Nobody said anything about being unwilling to experience local cafes. There is a lot of time in the day to enjoy a trip.

The question is - do I want to hop in a car at 7am on vacation and drive three miles to find a cafe to grab my morning coffee? Or if I'm in a downtown area - walk three blocks to the nearest Starbucks or whatever before I'm ready for the day?

To some degree it is snobbery though - I'd prefer to bring my own equipment when it is a choice between that or an in-hotel Keurig. And definitely compared to being sent out first thing to scrounge for a to-go for my wife.

For me, it's a hobby, not an addiction. I don't have to have coffee, I don't have to have a lot of things, but I enjoy them and yes, I'm particular. It goes deeper than coffee, I often over optimize things in my life - I back into parking spots, 3D print solutions to minor problems, edit my comments ten times, etc. So to some extent it's just me being me.

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#18: Post by Jeff »

I don't know that it is about "need", but more about "enjoy".

There are people that enjoy a great wine and will bring a bottle with them to a vacation cabin, a restaurant, on a picnic, or even on a hike. I don't consider them "addicts". I enjoy a good cup of coffee or espresso in the morning.

Where the balance point is for you will depend on your mode of travel and what you consider "good enough" to achieve enjoyment that outweighs the troubles of hauling various amounts of "stuff" with you.


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Someone hasn't had their coffee today :D

Keep in mind not all travel is with the same purpose. As an example, if I'm going to the beach, especially the beaches nearest where I live, there's exactly zero chance I'm going to find a cafe that makes anything decent, or worth the cost difference of making it myself (50 cents a shot of my own roast vs. 4$ minimum at a cafe per drink). Not only that, but the time it takes to find, go to, and "experience the local cafes" would take away significant time from my trip.

I'd rather pack a setup I know for a fact is going to make a darn good cup of coffee, and get on with the reason I went there in the first place, instead of wasting time, money, and energy on a bummer. But I guess your advice would be to just not drink coffee at all, rather than figure out a way to be happy continuing your hobby while traveling? What a bizarre stance.. But I suppose there's always someone in the crowd shouting about how everyone else is stupid, collapse of society, etc.
"Wait. People drink coffee just for the caffeine??"
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I get your points and apologise if I came out as aggressive.

@espressoren I understand the enjoyment of a cup of coffee, but when you can't go without one it leans into the addiction territory
@Jeff yes, but you don't bring an aerator, decanter, bottle opener etc. Might as well bring the whole vineyard
@maccompatible I'm not referring to going camping or places where coffee is inaccessible